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Aisles - The Yearning (2005)

Resubida de Sandy de este disco buenísimo, muy buena banda chilena haciendo el mejor neo-progresivo sinfónico. Se los recomiendo, no se lo pierdan, no sean nabos. No sé si fui claro... vean el video por favor.

Artista: Aisles
Álbum: The Yearning
Año: 2005
Género: Neo-progresivo sinfónico
Duración: 56:38
Nacionalidad: Chile

Lista de Temas:
1. The Wharf That Holds His Vessel
2. Uncertain Lights
3. Clouds Motion
4. The Rise Of The White Sun
5. The Shrill Voice
6. The Scarce Light Birth
7. Grey

- Sebastian Vergara / lead and background vocals, flute
- German Vergara / electric and acoustic guitars, electronic percussion, bass
- Luis Vergara / piano, keyboards
Guest musicians:
Alejandro Melendez / electronic percussion
Rodrigo Sepulveda / electric and acoustic guitars, background vocals, bass

Sí, si, ya sé, cantan en inglés, bueno, algún defecto tenían que tener... quelevamoacer...
Aqui nos encontramos con este buen disco debut de una banda chilena cultora de género neo progresivo sinfónico, formada en el año 2003. Pasajes sinfónicos de gran calidad y melodias que invitan a saborear una obra de diferentes referencias musicales, con reminicencias de los clasicos de los '70. Lástima que es cantado en inglés... según leo las letras del disco se escribieron en inglés por una decisión estética, favoreciendo además las posibilidades de su proyección en el extranjero (también leo que el disco tuve más repercusión en Europa que en tierras natales). Cito: "Aisles persigue la universalidad del arte en ese sentido, sin negarse en absoluto a la posibilidad de futuras letras en castellano, o incluso en otras lenguas." "The Yearning" (El Anhelo) es una obra sencilla y bella, introspectiva, con un sonido neo progresivo muy fino y delicado, buenos trabajos instrumentales, muy melódica y con buen gusto. El trabajo abre y cierra con dos suites de más de diez minutos de gran sinfonismo "The Warf That Holds His Vessel", y "Grey" respectivamente, y va matizando con partes mas calmas como los bellísimo “Uncertains Lights” un hermoso medio tiempo con guitarras acústicas, piano y brillantes arreglos vocales, o "Light Birth" de gran lirismo, y otras partes sinfónicas pletóricas de cambios de ritmos y climas como el fantástico "Clouds Motion" o "The Scarce Light Birth". Arte de tapa oscuro e introspectivo, armónico con el trabajo, cerrando un círculo para disfrutar a pleno por aquellos que se dejen llevar por el delicado buen gusto (reminiscente a Camel o al Genesis de "Wind & Wuthering") de estos chilenos. Un disco digno de conocer. Algunos comentarios sobre el mismo:
Chilean ensemble Aisles delivered a very fine album, "The Yearning": beautiful and attractive, albeit not groundbreaking really. One consistent flaw in this effort is a certain repetitiveness of moods and ambiences that begins to get quite noticeable right at the middle of the album itself, but this factor is adequately thwarted by two major virtues: the presence of tight melodic ideas and the clever management of elegant keyboard orchestrations. The latter one prevents the band from getting excessively bombastic, despite having two guitarists and two keyboardists in its line-up. The use of a programmed rhythm section (for lack of an empathetic drummer) is inventively adjusted into the demanding shifts inherent to the compositions. Main influences seem to be classic Genesis, classic Yes and classic Camel, although the predominant neo vibe leans them closer to the likes of Galadriel (especially regarding the lead vocalist's timber, very similar to that of Galadriel's singer Filardi) and, in the harder sections, a moderate Matraz. The band's overall approach to prog music is very lyrical, with a soft appeal that surfaces in a clear manner even during the energetic sections ,which are never too loud. The 13 minute opener 'The Wharf that Holds his Vessel' comprises a bombastic instrumental intro and epilogue, in between which the sung sections portray a delicate majesty. A very nice opener, indeed. Next comes an acoustic guitar-based ballad, 'Uncertain Lights', pretty much reminiscent of Genesis' bucolic side and Anthony Phillips' stylish love songs. 'Clouds Motion' find the band exploring its most muscular side (remember, they never get too far at it), while 'The Rise of the White Sun' digs deeper into expressions of sheer melancholy and 'The Shrill Voice' deals with both trends alternately - it would be fair to say that these three tracks together serve as the perfect sampler of Aisles' artistic ideology. 'The Scarce Light Birth' brings back some of the placid, bucolic nuances of track 2, albeit bearing more explicit symphonic textures. The 16 minute three-part suite 'Grey' finds the band basically reiterating the essence of their own sonic territory: fluid succession of melodic motifs, clever keyboard orchestrations and a recurring sense of serenity and self-constraint. "The Yearning" is a real refreshing album in the context of current neo-prog: not innovative, but inventive. Aisles is a band that all symphonic prog and neo prog lovers should pay close attention to.
Cesar Inca
I thought they’re Polish! No really – this gentle accent, this mellow QUIDAM/SATELLITE manner, influences from CAMEL, PENDRAGON and MARILLION (and surely GENESIS and PINK FLOYD), tender ballads (like “Uncertain Lights”) and strong melodic basis…These are usual Polish Neo Prog aces, but this time a new COLLAGE comes from Chile! Wonderful album, especially in highlights like opening “The Wharf the holds his Vessel”(11+ min) and closing “Grey” (16+ min). Nothing completely groundbreaking or too complex, but if you like emotionally strong, mostly mellow Neo Prog inspired by abovementioned bands, AISLES is a Must! Also if you’re a Polish Neo Prog devotee, take this one without hesitation! Recommended!
Igor Sidorenko
There’s been no denying that the progressive rock scene has since spread beyond the confines of North America and Western Europe to the rest of the world. In fact, in recent years, some of the best progressive rock has emerged from the new wave of global proggers. One such nation that seems to have been picking up some speed with their scene is Chile, which may not be the first place someone would go to when looking for strong modern symphonic prog rock. However, Chilean neo-proggers Aisles prove with their debut ‘The Yearning’ that they are a band that deserves to be recognized on the international scene. While possessing a familiar sound of melodic prog in the vein of Marillion or Genesis, Aisles do what they do very well, and the result is ‘The Yearning’, a highly capable debut record that makes up for its lack of innovation with beautiful melodies, arrangements and performances from all involved. Although the pursuit melody in music is certainly not at the top of most proggers’ lists in terms of importance, the highly harmonious songwriting that Aisles works with this album works to their benefit. The lyrics are nothing special in terms of wordplay or derived meaning, but the vocals of Sebastián Vergara feel as if they contribute alot not only to the sound, but the composition as well. The other two Vergara brothers (keyboardist Luis and guitarist Germán) drive the rest of the music, often playing off of each other. The effect is one of beautiful harmony between instruments. The songwriting is not as consistent as I may have liked, but from the first track- ‘The Wharf That Holds His Vessel’- onwards, it should be clear that the band can write a very good piece of prog rock. By the latter half of the album, it does feel as if Aisles begins to stretch out their musical ideas a little too far, leading to one too many lackluster moments, most notably ‘The Shrill Voice’ and the plodding final epic ‘Grey’. The best music here rests with the opener, the melancholic ‘Clouds Motion’, and the sixth track ‘The Scarce Light Birth’, which has hints of flamenco acoustic guitar, hinting at their cultural roots. Of course, Aisles has not developed any measure of groundbreaking album or revolution in prog rock. Often, the band will sound a little too close to British neo-prog legends Marillion for my personal liking, but based on its own merits, Aisles’ ‘The Yearning’ is a very good debut. Melody, strong songwriting, admirable performances, and enough details in the music to be worth going back to quite a few times makes the album an unlikely winner.
Conor Fynes


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Ideario del arte y política cabezona

Ideario del arte y política cabezona

"La desobediencia civil es el derecho imprescriptible de todo ciudadano. No puede renunciar a ella sin dejar de ser un hombre".

Gandhi, Tous les hommes sont frères, Gallimard, 1969, p. 235.