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jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015

Vly - I / Time (2015)

Un excepcional disco de neo-progresivo compartido por Marek, nuestro amigo polaco. Mucha emoción y atmósfera para un disco bucólico y sumamente agradable. No dejen de conocerlo...

Artista: Vly
Álbum: I / Time
Año: 2015
Género: Neo-progresivo
Duración: 60:00
Nacionalidad: Multinacional

Lista de Temas:
1. Circles
2. Time
3. Time Elapsed
4. Headache
5. Out of the Maze
6. Hypnotic
7. Time Remembered
8. Silver Beaches
9. Message in Water
10. Dark Days
11. Perfect Place
12. Time Forgotten

- Keith Gladysz / vocals
- Karl Demata / guitars, synths, programming
- Elisa Montaldo / keyboards and synths
- Chris Heilmann / bass
- Mattias Olsson / drums, keyboards

El polaco Marek sigue compartiendo sus lindos disquitos, y le llega el turno a este buen grupo, nada espectacular pero muy agradable, con su neo-progresivo melancólico y plagado de sentimiento... si tuviese que decir a qué me pareció conocida, diría que a una mezcla entre los climas melancólicos de Pink Floyd y la emotividad del "Posthumous Silence" los alemanes Sylvan, disco que debo presentarles, por cierto.

Vly es una banda de rock progresivo integrada por músicos provenientes de varios grupos y países. Es lo que habitualmente se denomina como un ¨colectivo internacional¨. Pocos datos hay en la web de esta gente. Este es su primer álbum juntos pero, por las fotos, sin duda que ya tienen un largo recorrido en el ambiente del rock. El resultado de este trabajo es muy interesante. Buscaron (y lograron) conformar un sonido distinto, muy particular. El vocalista resalta por su timbre de voz, y personaliza de manera clara al grupo. Sin ser renovadores, son distintos. En esta obra no hay solos de guitarra espectaculares, ni teclados que sobresalgan contundentemente. Todo está interpretado en función del sólido estilo que tienen para hacer música. Este comienzo de gran nivel genera una expectativa válida sobre sus próximas creaciones. Seguramente se puede esperar de ellos bastante más, en base al potencial que muestran en el disco. Se justifica plenamente oír esta realización, conocerla y disfrutarla.
Con Opus

Los tipos vienen de todos los países y pasaron por varias bandas, son músicos de bandas como Il Tempio Delle Clessidre, Änglagård, White Willow, Diet Kong y varias otras que no conocía. La gráfica del disco, limpia y despojada refleja el estilo de la banda. Todo rebalsa sensibilidad, poesía y atmósfera en un resultado final realmente aconsejable. Muy buen disco, no sé que más agregar, salvo decir que me ha gustado y que al terminar el disco deja un lindo gustito dando vueltas por los oídos y por el corazón. Gracias a la vida, a Dios o a lo que sea, este tipo de trabajos aún siguen existiendo y deleitándonos.
Vamos con los comentarios en inglés que seguramente serán más precisos que yo.

The virtual album for the virtual age
Progressive Music has always dared to go where no one else would, always tries to be at the vanguard of stuff that’s new. But there’s still something strange about this record being put together by people who didn’t know each other at its outset.
The story goes that the band was initially a collection of ideas that Karl Demata of Crippled Black Phoenix had. Through mutual friends and with the passage of time, he gathered together a disparate group, some of whom he knew, others he didn’t, and they began emailing the ideas around.
The result is here, with “I/Time” and its extraordinary and moreover, extraordinarily cohesive. It’s a brooding piece of work, and actually works incredibly well as a whole listened to from beginning to end and embarking on its thrilling journey.
It starts with the lush “Circles” with its understated attitude acting as a neat introduction to the record. There’s a very definite crescendo here, as it builds to a wonderful peak on its chorus, while the widescreen title track is even better, it’s closing “your not the only outlaw on this ride” refrain really wrapping itself around your consciousness.
“Headache” has echoes of latter day Marillion as it meanders at gentle pace amid a pulsing rhythm, and “Out Of The Maze” is another that goes where it wants but just about manages to restrain itself but stops shot of cutting totally loose.
And “I/Time” is not a visceral album. There’s a feeling that if they wanted to, the five here could really cut loose with the showy histrionics, that they never do is to the albums credit.
Of the people that Demata did know before he began the project, one his vital to the dynamic here. Chris Helliman brought with him the same love of classic rock that he uses to augment his work in Crippled Black Phoenix and does so again in VLY. This approach is particularly evident in work like “Out Of The Maze” but you do feel that this a record that is happier when it’s living out its early Floyd fantasies, as on the brilliant “Hypnotic.”
And it is another one of the what we might term as proto Floyd tracks that really takes the eye. The longest song on the record too, “Perfect Place” is nothing more than a wonderfully evocative piece of timeless prog.
There’s a couple of instrumental pieces too, and it’s one of these that ends the record. “Time Forgotten” is an interesting track, telling a tale maybe, but leaving things open ended, perhaps to be explained in act two. Given that the debut is so good, then who knows what’s in store for the second album. After all, they know each other now so could really hit their stride.
Rating 8.5/10
Andy Thorley

The magnificent I / (Time) album by internationally-based progressive metal quintet, VLY — featuring current and former members of Crippled Black Phoenix, Änglagård, White Willow and more — is out now on Laser’s Edge, and a massive hi-res 24 bit/96 khz edition of the album is now available to stream in its entirety.
Recently formed VLY is comprised of a varied team of multi-instrumentalists fusing their talents into an incredibly vibrant new entity, including vocalist Keith Gladysz (Diet Kong, Typical Reptiles), guitarist/keyboardist/programmer Karl Demata (ex-Crippled Black Phoenix, Karl Demata Band), keyboardist/synth programmer Elisa Montaldo (Il Tempio Delle Clessidre), bassist Chris Heilmann (ex-Crippled Black Phoenix, Bernie Torme’, Shark Island) and drummer/keyboardist Mattias Olsson (ex-Änglagård. White Willow, Necromonkey). Once united by the internet and phone lines across the Atlantic with each other, VLY carved a sound which blends elements of progressive rock, classic rock, folk, early-Floydian psychedelia, intimate pop melodies, walls of epic guitars, post-classical, post-rock and electronic music. And it’s the diverse background of the members that lead to the breadth of their sound. Their electrifying debut album, I / (Time), was engineered and produced by members of the outfit and mastered by Bob Katz, presenting an entire hour of crisp, adventurous music.
Metal-discovery.com’s amazing 10/10 review of VLY’s I / (Time) offers in part, “Considering the nature of how this music came to be, it’s even more impressive that the results shine with as much intrigue and cohesive allure as they do… these five musicians belong together and the evidence is here to be heard. You’ll not hear a more sublimely moving and affectively absorbing album all year.” Peek A Boo music and movie magazine championed the record with a 9/10 review which included, “The five musicians all have a different background which results in a varied album. There are indeed some elements from electro or post-rock included, but in the first place we hear beautiful and atmospheric tracks.” Overall Loudness proclaims, “I / (Time) will probably be a strong contestant for the top ten of 2015,” and Snoozecontrol offers, “We said it all… A masterpiece.”

There are albums that are so easy to listen to over and over. Vly’s debut album “Time” is one of those albums. The songs are all lush, beautiful and a melodic. Vly sound like if the band Astra was influenced by Pink Floyd rather than Yes. The opening track “Shine” has that softness and gentle nature of Pink Floyd.
It also has one of those chords that I look for. It’s one that makes me go “oh yes.” “Unzip your skin and SHINE.” It’s on that last word that it comes in. You don’t expect the chord either which just adds to the perfectness of it. Plus the song has a killer slide solo from Karl Demata.
The title track is another favorite of mine. This one reminds me a little of older Porcupine Tree. Nothing wrong with that either. I love the deeper vocal and the higher harmony during the chorus. “Time, it washes over me.” Perfect. Again, the song is just so lush with various keyboards. It just glides so nicely.
The album has three interludes (“Time Elapsed,” “Time Remembered,” and “Time Forgotten”) on it which all work. I am highly critical of any interlude because they tend to come off as filler. None of these feel like filler at all.
The band deserves praise for always putting the song first. The lyrics and music all fit together. The playing always fits the music. Sure the album is rooted in 70s prog but it never ever sounds dated. New Yorker Keith Gladysz has a really strong voice and never over sings. Song after song on this album, he consistently delivers a great performance.
With Vly as I have said, it’s about the songs. Whether it’s the gentle “Headache” or or “Perfect Place” or the rocking “Out of the Maze” which has some awesome keys (including a bad ass organ), the songs are so memorable. “Time” is actually timeless. This album is all about writing great music and then delivering a KILLER performance. I really can’t say a bad thing about the whole album. A perfect debut.
Rating: 9.5/10
Progressive Music Planet

One trait that I do enjoy coming from newer progressive albums lately is its laid back, dreamy soundscapes. Incorporating techniques mastered by the likes of Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, and The Who, numerous bands attempt to emulate their heroes as effigies on a podium. With all the different progressive albums I’ve heard especially in the past year, I can say that some of them succeed in expanding upon that sound, while others do nothing more than copy/paste, replicating a skill already captured years ago. Luckily, the band Vly has perfected upon this sonic experience with the release of their first album “I / (Time).”
Being a follower of The Laser’s Edge Records via email, I was notified when their album was released, at the time a band I had never heard of. Residing in three different countries, Vly are a collection of strangers-turned-bandmates, originally started as a group of musicians sending demos to each other through the Internet. Consisting of Keith Gladysz on vocals, Karl Demata on guitar/synth, Elisa Montaldo on keyboards/synth, Chris Heilmann on bass guitar, and Mattias Olsson on drums, this quintet has created an interesting addition to the progressive rock genre, leaning on folk, pop, and electronic inspirations throughout the album. Gentler and easier on the ears, the listener will be able to close their eyes and relax as they listen to “I / (Time).”
Reminding me of a combination of The Secret Machines, Pink Floyd, and North Atlantic Oscillation, this sixty minute album is one of the most approachable progressive rock albums I’ve heard in some time. Vly are able to use all the traditional arrangements that are stereotypically “progressive” while including a modern spin of electronic, indie, and folky vibes. The album opens with one of its strongest songs, “Circles.” With its clean, wavy guitar rhythm and classic keyboard sound, the intro and verse are smooth and elegant, representing the indie nature of the entire album. I especially love the use of slide guitar and deep bass lines in the passionate chorus that permeates into the solo-filled bridge section. Later in the album, “Headache” introduces more electronic sounds, orchestral instruments, and the standup bass, while employing more sound effects over the guitars. It’s one of the simpler tracks on the album, but nonetheless very enjoyable. The track “Dark Days” starts off with a folksy, slightly distorted guitar arrangement, which slowly incorporates acoustic guitars and other miscellaneous percussion instruments that remind me of being in the woods. These three songs are an interesting collection of the different types of genres around the world, all combined into one album.
Even with the incorporation of newer, lighter styles of music, “I / (Time)” still contains some great rock-out moments. Two of my favorites off this album are “Out of the Maze” and “Message in Water,” being the two heaviest tracks on the album. The slower introduction to “Out of the Maze” is only a trick, as the listener experiences the fullness of the song by minute one. The combination of hollow, overdriven guitars hitting minor notes, tom-heavy drum beats, and eerie vocals in the song’s beginning reach its climax in the chorus, which further adds an Opeth-sounding keyboard arrangement following the lead guitar. With a different tempo, “Message in Water” starts with a bluesier sounding guitar and that same keyboard sound, only to drop off by the song’s verse. The spacey bridge section reminds me of something the Beatles would’ve made had they been starting off today, and the solo to close off the song is simple but matches the tone set throughout the song. Although not as hard, I do enjoy the emotional vocal delivery of Gladysz in the song’s chorus, and is one of my favorite moments on the entire album.
I honestly don’t have a complaint about Vly’s “I / (Time).” To think this band is a result of an international collaborate effort, I commend the skill and quality that went into this album. It is a great introductory album for those curious in exploring the unchartered waters of progressive rock. For those of you who are fans of Steven Wilson, Pink Floyd, Anathema, Riverside, and other softer versions of prog rock, I’d recommend giving this album a listen. Please support Vly by checking out their website, and by following them on Facebook and Twitter for band updates.
Crash And Ride Music

Recomendación, disfruten de este disco, muy buen trabajo, relamente sabroso. No lo dejen pasar. Escúchenlo y después me dicen.

Website: www.vlymusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vlyband

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  1. Download: (Flac - No CUE - No Log + Scans)

  2. Gracias Marek, un disco redondito, exquisito, precioso!!!!!
    Carlos Gancia

  3. Me faltó decir: una joyita
    Carlos Gancia


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