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viernes, 18 de diciembre de 2015

Azymuth - Pure (Best of Far Out) (1995 - 2006)

A partir de la resubida de éste disco por parte de Sandy, recuerdo que tengo pila de discos de ésta banda por publicar, quedarán para el año 2016...

Artista: Azymuth
Álbum: Pure (Best of Far Out)
Año: 1995 - 2006
Género: Soul-Funk-Jazz-Prog-DJ
Duración: 01:59:10
Nacionalidad: Brasil

Lista de Temas:
01. Brazymuth
02. Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser
03. Larajeiras
04. O Lance
05. Quem Com Quem
06. Carambola
07. Saudade Do Doutor
08. Antes Que Esqueca
09. Juntos Mais Uma Vez (Together One More Time)
10. Chameleon
11. Carnival
12. Xingo
13. Morning
14. Tempos Do Parana
01. Pieces Of Ipanema (Mark Pritchard Remix)
02. Amazon Adventure (Jazzanova Remix)
03. That's Today (London Elektricity Remix)
04. Faca De Conta (Roni Size Remix)
05. Laranjeiras (Afro Latin London Mix)
06. Roda Piao (Spiritual South Remix)

- Ivan Conti / Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
- Alex Malheiros / Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
- José Roberto Bertrami / Arp Strings, Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Keyboards, Melodica, Mini Moog, Organ, Percussion, Vocals, Vocoder
Guest musicians:
Zé Carlos / Flute
Roc Hunter / Programming, Syndrum
Jaime Alem / Guitar, Guitar Acoustic
Sam Alexander / Bongos, Percussion
Fernando Moraes / Arp Strings

Otro compilado de los brasileros, ahora con dos discos, el primero que está bueno con temas de ellos, y el segundo que es una basura con temas remizados en formato DJ que son realmente una porquería (no soy irónico, me resulatan así). Incluso estuve tentado a no pueblicar esto, o publicar el primer CD solamnee, pero como dije que trataría de publicar la discografía completa, no voy a hacer trampas. Eso sí, si se caen los links, ni me pidan que resuba este disco.

Unique in Latin America, Brazil is the confluence of African and black American (as in US) rhythms. In a decade of releases for Far Out, Azymuth have dived deep into the melting pot and honed a fusion of funk, soul and jazz which they call 'Samba Doido' (crazy samba). The final product is boldly Brazilian, with a snaking samba that winds itself around subtle bass riffs and keenly controlled chaos that has the passion of carnival street swing but the deep wisdom of three decades of exploring everything from gentle bossa to bloco beats.
Sparse and intense and shunning any slickness - Azymuth work in their own groove. Pure features 11 tracks from the band's first four Far Out albums currently unavailable as well as a new track "Morning". The album comes with a disc of club remixes by Lusophile DJs and together they make for a tidy little collection for initiates, and a story-so-far sampler for existing fans.
BBC Review

Bueno, creo que ya lo dije todo, únicamente lo traigo para aquellos que quieran completar la colección, pero este disco no es de mi agrado, y no por los músicos, sino porque éste es sencillamente un trabajo de producción donde seguramente de la banda no han tenido nada que ver, con alguna finalidad especulativa y económica que nada tiene que ver con el arte.

First of all I want to say that Azymuth is my favorite Brazilian Jazz group since 1976 and I've been following their career for all these years, but this compilation leaves me a bit dissapointed, and not because of Jose, Alex and Mamao; but because of the producers.
I'm almost positive that they must have picked the songs in this CD, and it would've been very interesting to have left that task to Azymtuh. Therefore the result here is nothing but commercial, not necessarily what we as fans want to hear; and second, all those remixes on the second disc, are mutants; they have no recognizable form from the original tunes, and they're remixes that don't tell you much; just !!poom!! !!poom!! !!poom!! but not real Jazz content. I think once again that producers are more interested to try to market Azymuth to other groups by compromising the group's quality; let them do what they do best; good music.
P.S. I even think that groups like BossaCucaNova could do a way better job than those british DJs at mixing music from legends like Azymuth; they have no concept/depth of real Brazilian music

The Brazilian trio at the core of Azymuth have been together since Adam was a young man: they started playing together in the 60s, named themselves Azymuth in the early 70s, and are still going today.
Their blend of funky electric jazz and Brazilian sounds has been intermittently popular (they were very cool in the mid 70s for example, and had a minor hit with Jazz Carnival in 1980), and for most of the 80s were on the creditable Milestone jazz label.
Since the mid 90s however their releases have come through London's Far Out Recordings and this album is a 14 track collection taken from those years.
It captures the band's sense of Latin cool and lounge-like funk, is slightly sassy, and has just enough jazz and samba elements to keep it always interesting.
The bonus on this compilation however -- which will doubtless irritate purists -- is the thoroughly enjoyable remix disc of half a dozen tracks where Azymuth's grooves get a right old going over by cool folks like Roni Size, Jazzanova, Mark Pritchard and others.
Definitely one to be accompanied by martinis.
Graham Reid

Azymuth have recorded six studio albums for Far Out Recordings and the majority of the tracks on "Pure" (all now remastered) come from the first four: "Carnival" (1996), "Woodland Warrior" (1998), "Pieces Of Ipanema" (1999) and "Before We Forget" (2000) which are all now deleted, plus there's an extra exclusive new track "Morning". This release also features a bonus remix CD with sought-after reworks by 4hero, Jazzanova, Mark Pritchard, London Elektricity and Roni Size taken from Far Out's legendary 'Misturada' series.
Piccadilly Records

Bueno, en el próximo disco tratamos de mejorar la punteria.

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