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viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2015

Tisaris - Once Humanity (1994)

Sandy sigue con sus resubidas, ahora le toca el turno al neo progresivo sinfónico de éstos brasileros, cantado en inglés (lástima) pero de calidad innegable. Con ustedes, Tisaris.

Artista: Tisaris
Álbum: Once Humanity
Año: 1994
Género: Rock sinfónico / Neo-prog
Duración: 68:55
Nacionalidad: Brasil

Lista de Temas:
1. Once Humanity
2. Once In Time
3. The Sophia Conflict - I
4. The Sophia Conflict - II
5. Laodicea
6. Silent Prophecy
7. Sub-Particle
8. Only Eternity
9. Insight
10. Christopher's Trance - I
11. Christopher's Trance - II
12. Armageddon
13. Amen

- Andrei Vieira / vocals
- Chebli Haddad / bass
- Edson Cruz / drums
- Rodrigo Barbosa / keyboards
- Rique Vilas / guitar

Resulta interesante el rock progresivo brasilero, Brasil no solo tiene calidad, sino tambien cantidad innumerable de bandas, lástima que sean tan inclinados e cantar en inglés, pero la calidad es innegable.
Grupo formado en 1984 en Minas Gerais, y que luego se trasladara a San Pablo. Este es el segundo CD de esta banda minera de rock progresivo que se ubica en el centro de lo que sería el neo-progresivo y el rock sinfónico, más sinfônico e trabajado que su álbum debut (fuera de catálogo pero que no por ello nos impedirá traerlo por aquí). Lo mejor del álbum creo que son los solos y duelos entre la guitarra y el teclado, mostrando influencias varias pero sobretodo de Eloy, Marillion y Genesis.

Muy buena calidad musical para otro disco casi desconocido. El álbum contiene el "espíritu" de los años setentas pero con el sonido propio de los 90's, en este disco alterna suites largas estructurados en varias partes (como en "What's Beyond"), y algunas piezas cortas o pistas instrumentales, en un álbum conceptual. Expresivas voces y sonidos de guitarra y teclados, atmósferas de sintetizadores, unos solos intrumentales armados con imaginación y composiciones ricas en melodías bellas.
Quizás algunos momentos musicales suenan obvios, pero creo que en términos generales el álbum les va a caer muy bien a quienes gustan del progresivo sinfónico refinado y además quienes llevan a grupos como Marillion, Arena o Pendragon en sus venas.

Grupo brasileiro formado em 1984 com o nome de "Contra-Bando" (depois Guerra e Paz), projeto paralelo ainda ativo(?), o Tsaris, originário de Lavras, Minas, muda-se para Santo André, São Paulo, onde o atual baterista, Cruz, engrossa a formação. Com algumas influências de Marillion, o grupo lançaria bom CD em 1992." (ERP)
Não gosto muito de postar bandas que ainda estão na ativa, por motivos obvios, porém como foi um pedido aqui esta Tisaris.Márcia Tunes
To whom it may concern, Tisaris, which means the bridge to quintessence is a progressive rock quintet ( vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass and drums ) from Brazil. The band started out way back in 1984 in its provincial hometown Lavras in the Southeast of Brazil and in 1992 released their first CD "What's beyond ?", a concept album based on the rock-opera "The story of Blaze and Darkman". Two years later "Once Humanity..." also a concept work based on the homonymous short story written by the group is anxiously received by European specialized press. In 1996 the third CD "The Power of Myth", inspired on the book by Joseph Campbell, finishes the trilogy of concept albums. "An inevitable reference in the international progressive rock scene " (Harmonie Magazine - France), "... inspiration superbly materialized" (SRM - Germany), "... elegant, ambitious, daring." (Paperlate - Italy) are just a few reviews from the specialized press! Tisaris has also put out two video-clips, ''Elegy to Magdalene'' and ''The Sophia conflict-ll'', the later going on air on M-TV Brazil. The group's live performances are an attraction apart. Theatrical staging, psychedelic clips, and of course great music keep the audience hypnotized.

A high quality Brazilian new releases. Superb Progressive productions in the spirit of the Seventies, alterning long suites structured in several parts (What's Beyond), instrumental tracks and some short pieces in concept albums taken from an opera. Expressive vocals, inventive guitar and keyboards solos and rich and cast spelling compositions compose these excellent releases.
TISARIS présente un rock Progressif luxuriant de sonorités et de combinaisons instrumentales. Il s'inspire de l'esprit des Seventies, alternant de longues suites structurées en plusieurs parties, des parties instrumentales et quelques pièces courtes dans un contexte de concept-albums rappelant un opéra. Parties vocales expressives, guitare inventive et soli de claviers inspirés composent "What's Beyond" et "Once Humanity...", deux excellents albums enregistrés en 1992 & 1994. "The Tower Of Myth" date de 1997.
Musea Records

Here we have Tisaris at their best! All good promises and expectations anyone could have when listening to their first and previous work, What´s Beyond, were fulfilled here. Excellent art cover work; a concept album with a passionate lyrical content; all the members of the band playing together in a very mature way; compositional skills at top; and so all of those aspects led to a very homogeneous album but with some very strong and elaborated pieces. There must be special attention in hearing songs like Once Humanity, Once In Time and Silent Prophecy, where you can identify all the aspects which were commented above.
Once Humanity strongly matches four stars. I did not consider only what I said above; but also the surrounding conditions for these guys almost 20 years ago. This is definitely not easy or simple for them to perform the work done at that time with available resources, and not only did they make this excellent work, but also two more clearly progressive works sharing many things in common . This is an important point because it makes it possible for us to see their work as a whole. One can identify a fine artistic story being told through their three albums. Also, one can see a nice progressive musical project they got to achieve!
This kind of "story" is something clearly crucial for me when it comes to progressive music. What are the intentions of musicians when composing a progressive album - or even any other king of music? - It is nice to search for interactions among cover paintings, lyrics and music, as for example, when one tries to see interactions that a guy like Rick Wakeman put in his instrumental masterpiece "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII" relating music and personalities - even if it was only imagined personalities, art has this kind of freedom. - It is interesting to see that it was exactly the lack of a "story" in the musical work of the well assessed Brazilian group Bacamarte that led me to rate them much lower.
Once Humanity deserves everyone´s attention due to everything said above. Probably with some strong influences of Brazilian folk I could give them five stars; but I comprehend it would change their art proposal so much, when translated by means of music.
Antonio Giacomin

Tisaris is one of the better examples of symphonic prog acts from Brazil in the '90s. Offering 3 albums in that period Tisaris manage to recive aplauses from listners and respectable reviews specialy for their second album Once Humaninty. Issued in 1994 their second album is considered by fans their best from all 3, I'm agree while I was not very impressed overall. This is a concept album clocking around 70 min with long instrumental parts going from pure symphonic prog to more spacey passages. If the instrumental arrangements are pleasent most of the time, I was not impressed by the voice and how vocal parts are composed here, to much time very theatrical, not really intresting to my ears. The album overall is complex, very nice are the guitar parts, even great, keyboards aswell, a perfect example is the opening track . Once Humanity, very worthy symphonic prog piece with the ingredients to be a strong tune, the rst are ok with some plus on the middle of the album who is almost entirely instruemntal and very good aswell. So, a very decent and fair work by this unknown brazilian band, is clear that they worked hard on this release, but I can't say is something really excellent and inovative. Fans of symphonic prog can take some spins I think Tisaris worth to be discovered by many listners as possible. Similar maybe at some point with High Wheel, and bands who incorporated in their symphonic prog arranagements spacey long instrumental parts. 3 stars rounded to 3,5 for some pieces.
Bogdan Olariu

Bueno, si no conocían el disco, llévenselo. Y después que no me vengan con... "se te cayó el disco, ¿lo resubís? porfaaaaaa...". Señores, acá lo tienen, un hermoso álbum, no pierdan tiempo.
Otro lindo CD propio del blog cabezón.

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