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miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2016

Zwoyld - 200 000 (2014)

Otra vez franceses en un trabajo descomunal. Magma mezcldo con The Mars Volta, Zeuhl mezclado con R.I.O., Avantgarde y Math Rock, locura mezclada con poderío musical, vanguardismo mezclado con irreverencia, potencia sonora mezclada con talentosa musicalidad, todo ello representa a Zwoyld, un gran grupo francés que presentamos en el blog cabezón, aquí el que es hasta ahora su único disco. Para amantes de la adrenalina sonora. Conózcnalos en el video que acompaña a esta presentación... al que no le vuele el marote que tire la primera piedra.

Artista: Zwoyld
Álbum: 200 000
Año: 2014
Género: Math Zeuhl / R.I.O. / Avantgarde
Duración: 63:29
Nacionalidad: Francia

Lista de Temas:
1. Sŷs
2. Saink
3. Chaä
4. Melkũ
5. Trwä
6. Psøn

- Gilbert Brown / inspiration, cigares, clementines, sardinéro, expiration
- Théo Karsh / drums, percussion
- Guitoon Biceps / bass , bottleneck, vocals
- Mathieu Vignace / organ, rhodes, mellotron, synth
- Théo Panchèvre / guitar, flute, synth, sanza, vocals
- Goulwiche Braguette / guitar, vocals, percussion

Este álbum titulado "200 000" consta de seis canciones largas y fascinantes en el que un claro impacto ligado a Magma se oye y se siente en su energía, pero también en su vibración setentera pero de sonidos ansiosos y desaforados, en un disco grabado en 2013 y lanzado en 2014 sólo en formato digital. Mucho jazz, mucho rock, mucha técnica e improvisaciones pero también melodías, atmósferas y buen gusto, mucha exploración y vanguardismo para un viaje verdaderamente alucinante.

Más ZEUHL francés para vuestras mercedes, sólo que esta vez en una fusión inaudita para mí: Math-Zeuhl (de)generado por un grupillo de escuincles irrespetuosos que deshonran la blanca cabeza de Vander y nos entregan esta placa de rolas maniacotas y ponchadotas.
La verdad es que se han ganado cada meneo de mi melena con este 200,000, que es además totalmente cantado en kobaiano y pese a su intrínseca calidad, no ha sido volteado a ver por disquera alguna y sólo ha visto la luz en formato digital así que, si quieren ayudar a estos jovenzuelos entren a sus páginas de contacto y compren su disco.
Greco Bastián Después

No se me ocurre otra cosa que contarles, salvo que escuchen los videos que adjuntan esta entrada y el disco entero en su espacio en Bandcamp, el disco lo conocí recién ayer y hoy me está volando la cabeza as{i que no me animo a hacer una descripción más profunda, pero intrumentalemnte está tremendo, las composiciones son increíbles, la base es descomunal y el juego instrumental de guitarras, teclados y otros instrumentos sobre ellos es monumental. Una maravilla sonora que pasa a brillar en la Biblioteca Sonora para regocijo de los cabezones más aventureros.
Vamos coon algún comentario en inglés (los pocos que encontré) y dejenme seguir disfrutando de esta belleza...

ZWOYLD is yet another strange zeuhl band that springs from France and contains all the usual Magma influences but branches out in many ways to include not only the expected jazz-rock side of things (however no brass on board) but also has a very spacey Rock In Opposition approach along with a healthy dose of avant-garde. The band was formed by Gilbert Brown who oversees the project but doesn’t actually play any of the instruments. The actual band consists of five members who contribute the following instruments: drums, bass, guitar, mellotron, synthesizers, flute, sanza and jew’s harp. As with much zeuhl this one is pretty much instrumental with the only vocals being delivered in chants which basically add another instrument without any linguistic connotations that i can understand anyways. The track titles seem to be in some invent:ed language and the presentation brings to mind some ancient builder race of sort that visited and left the planet long ago.
The music clearly falls into the zeuhl camp with its pummeling hypnotic bass grooves and rhythmic developments but there is so much more going on here that separates the music from any Magma clone accusations for sure. Firstly there is a lot of attention paid to guitar here. There are not only rhythmic power chord sequences but lots of angular guitar riffs that bring an RIO / Avant Prog vibe to the forefront on many occasions. However it never really gets too weird. It flirts with the bizarre but always keeps the chunky bass lines accessible and the guitars even delve at times into funk territory. The tracks all have distinct personalities and the album flows very nicely with totally different arrangements taking place over the avant-prog meets zeuhl rhythms. There are also various world music influences such as Arabic, Indian and Klezmer.
Tracks like “Chaä” really branch out into strange territories as the composition is quite complex with structured time sig changes that take a rather catchy melody and adds all kinds of freaky progressive touches. The track has the unique quality of making me feel like a zeuhl rhythm has been accompanied by a 60s psychedelic rock type of band. It’s the kind of stuff that i always thought SHOULD have happened in the 60s but never really did. This music somehow captures an “i wish that woulda happened” vibe for me. It really works well too. Nothing feels forced in the least bit and progressive touches such as bizarre time sig freak outs structured around the choppy zeuhl rhythms somehow just kind of flow without the slightest of spoiling features. While mostly energetic “Chaä” slows down half way through and creates a very psychedelic rock experience but picks up steam again. The album is mostly energetic but slow passages punctuate the frenetic energy as to create an always welcome diversity in mood.
This one is a welcome surprise. The music is as surreal as the album cover artwork but still entirely accessible upon first listen. In effect, the perfect balance between the known and unknown where alienation isn’t even remotely possible but surprising combinations of sounds add a layer of excitement. What i’m finding is that the band really know how to capture that innovative zeitgeist of the early 70s yet not ripping any other artist off. Yes, the influences are tucked beneath the surface and all but is more than obfuscated by layers of creativity oozing out of every irregular jagged bass led sequence. Ever since Magma introduced the zeuhl style of music to the world decades ago, it has remained a viable sub genre that allows all types of complexities to be kept from going too far astray with the accessible rhythms at play. ZWOYLD continues with that tradition but manages to take the jazz-fusion and avant-prog levels a few notches higher with tons of psychedelic trippiness to put hardcore Grateful Dead fans into a coma! This is an instantly addictive album that has managed to blow me away! Great job, guys :)

The debut album from this French band.
Zwoyld is a new band from France who has released this album, their debut album as a "name your price" album on Bandcamp. A very good idea indeed.
The band name indicates an affinity with avant-garde, rock in opposition and zeuhl. This is indeed the case when it comes to this album. Take Magma, Univers Zero and add jazz and a solid chunk of King Crimson. That is what you will end up with on this album. A forty-three minutes long album.
The music is a bit loose at times and the jazz bit is almost punk'ish. That goes for the rest of the album too. The band is really having a good playtime on this album. It has the vocals arrangements from zeuhl and the darkness from avant-garde. It also has this eclectic, tight rhythm structures from King Crimson too. The jazzy guitars is something the fans of King Crimson would appreciate.
The end result is a very good album who is only missing a great track or two to really become a stand out album. It is always nice to find a new zeuhl'ish album and this album satisfy my craving for new zeuhl...... for now. I hope this is not a one-off album.
3.5 points
Torodd Fuglesteg


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