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Yes - High Vibration Box set (2013)

Artista: Yes
Álbum: High Vibration Box set
Año: 2013
Género: Rock sinfónico
Nacionalidad: Inglaterra

Lista de Temas:
Yes (1969)
Time and a Word (1970)
The Yes Album (1971)
Fragile (1971)
Close to the Edge (1972)
Yessongs (1973)
Tales from Topographic Oceans (1973)
Relayer (1974)
Going for the One (1977)
Tormato (1978)
Drama (1980)
90125 (1983)
Big Generator (1987)

- Los Yes de varios momentos históricos.
Más info, aquí

Y miren lo que nos trae Ezequiel. Otro tremendo aporte que no podremos compartir alegremente sino que vamos a seguir el estilo que comenzamos cuando publicamos el "Relayer" de Yes. Ésta es la discografía de Yes en formato boxset High Vibration SuperAaudioCD Box (2013) son 16 discos de edición japonesa. Son varios álbumes que comprenden desde "Yes" hasta "Big Generation", con las remasterizaciones que ya salieron en forma individual en 2003 y 2004.

Yesterday I received my BOX-SET, but I think it will take me all week to value it more or less. Last night I heard a couple of times "The Yes Album", "Going for the One" and "Yes", the experience was quite pleasant by first and maybe a little better than I expected, but I still have the acid test: "Close to the Edge", "Fragile" and "Tales". I'am completely agree with sylvian, in my case I do not understand so much of dynamic range tests and all that, I prefer trust in my ear. You can hear this music louder with less volume, dynamics feels quite spacious and the sound is warm. It is important to understand that the sound "YES" tends to brilliance and treble. I have the impression that in the remastering was attempted to achieve the most natural sound closer to the vinyl. As I heard the other albums, I will comment. Bazcrim: I hope you receive soon your Box-Set to exchange views. I received it in lightning time: 1 week. The albums I heard are sampled at a rate of 24bit-88.2kHz in PCM usual for SACD, so it seems to have been a big mistake the 24-96. The book contains the lyrics to all the songs of Box-Set in Japanese and English.

Okay, brace yourselves… Warner Music Japan are about to release one of the most expensive music box sets ever featured on SuperDeluxeEdition.
High Vibration is a limited edition 16 SACD (Super Audio CD) box set, featuring the 13 albums released by English prog rock supergroup Yes, between 1968 and 1987, including live album Yessongs. A unique 12-track bonus SACD features rare selections such Owner of a Lonely Heart (Move Yourself Mix) from 1991 and 1972’s Total Mass Retain (single version) is also included.
Everything has been newly remastered in Japan by Isao Kikuchi, and these SACDs are packaged as mini-LP CDs (a.k.a. paper sleeves / vinyl replica). If you own The Beatles in Mono box set, you will know how good these are.
The SACDs are all hybrid discs [compatible with all CD players] with the SACD layer offering hi-res 96khz/24bit and the CD layer delivering the usual 44.1kHz/16bit.
The good news is this also comes with a 200-page book. The bad news is that it’s in Japanese.
At the time of writing High Vibration is available on various non-Japanese amazon sites as an expensive import – it’s over $500 in the USA and Canada and £488 in the UK. In Germany the current price is around £450. Those high prices are likely to drop at some point, given that at just under 40,000 Yen locally, the equivalent pound sterling figure is around £260. That probably equates to nearer £350 when you factor in shipping, UK import duties and ‘handling fees’, so at the moment it’s just over a £100 premium for the convenience of shopping via Amazon in your local territory.
Whether it is ‘worth’ paying the much money for this set, is up to the individual. The presentation will undoubtedly be excellent, and being a Japanese release offers appeal and exclusivity. The Robert Palmer Island Years paper sleeve box from 2007 has some similarities – unique mastering, only available in Japan – and that is now worth a small fortune.
Paul Sinclair

Una joyita, en realidad sí tienen mucho para disfrutar en el finde!

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  1. Cual es el estilo que siguen?

  2. Perdon, pero....y los links? Gracias y saludos,

  3. Hacen algo así como tecno psicodélico con reminiscencias o pinceladas Bob Marle, te encantará

  4. Que lindo! me enganché viendo cosas viejas y todavía sigue activa la página!

  5. Artwork: http://pastebin.com/7j5R9rBh

  6. Excelente todo un gran clásico en 320 KBPS

    1. NO, está en lossles.
      Así fue como se trabajó esto:


  7. Tecno psicodélico con reminiscencias o pinceladas Bob Marley? estas escuchando a Yes ???

  8. Me baje solo el Big Generator, pero me salio defectuoso, tiene saltos. No se si os pasa a vosotros.


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