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jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016

Öxxö Xööx - Nämïdäë (2015)

Discazo total. Otro proyecto francés de gran calidad, una ópera metal-rock, el proyecto de un multiinstrumentista que se hace llamar, justamente "Öxxö Xööx" (alias Laurent Lunoir, un verdadero loco y genio musical que ha sido capaz de sacar discos increíbles) en su segundo trabajo discográfico. Creadores de un lengüaje propio, tal como unos Magma modernos, el disco es un collage masivo de ideas. Música trepidante, ecléctica al extremo y sobretodo sumamente atmosférica y climática, un alarido de dolor en el desierto que de un modo extraño suena sumamente hermoso y al mismo tiempo tremendo. Conozcan otras de las maravillas que les presentamos en el blog cabezón, para gloria de la buena música en todas sus formas. Y también si no tiene forma, como en este caso.

Artista: Öxxö Xööx
Álbum: Nämïdäë
Año: 2015
Género: Gothic Doom Metal / Post metal / Avantgarde metal
Duración: 74:48
Nacionalidad: Francia

Lista de Temas:
1. Därkäë
3. Ländäë
4. Dä ï lün
5. Lör
6. Lücï
7 .Äbÿm
8. Dälëïth
9. Ü

- Öxxö Xööx / all instruments, vocals (lead)
- Rïcïnn / vocals (female)
- Isarnos / drums

Antes de que vean el comentario quiero dejarles un tema de otro de los proyectos del responsable de este disco, como para que se vayan encontrando con un eclecticismo extremo propio de este francés llamado Laurent Lunoir, o mejor dicho "Öxxö Xööx" en este post. Aquí el "Hallelujah" de Igorrr, escúchenlo y después seguimos hablando,

Si has disfrutado de ese tema, puedes seguir leyendo, sino, te invito a tantos otros posteos de música genial que tenemos en el blog cabezón. Pero si realmente te ha gustado, te invito a que conozcas a "Nämïdäë".
Öxxö Xööx es una de esas bandas extrañas que han logrado tomar géneros musicales existentes y ponerlos en una licuadora de las manera más de creativa, y también más peculiar. La banda se origina en Francia, y como sus compatriotas Magma, han inventado su propio lenguaje con un vocabulario básico de alrededor de 300 palabras para la gracia de sus expresiones musicales que suman toda una capa extra de exotismo, dicho dialecto se explica en su sitio de BandCamp, así como el significado de su nombre:

In a world where the mind's blooming seemed unreachable, this project, above all, was a means to find a reason to live according to one's inner truth.
We have invented our own language coming from intuition, then we codified it and gave it rules.
This language is translated by spontaneous emotions which generate sounds; the voice, as an instrument, takes on a true importance and all the emotion is released, at first, through the choice of sounds.
This language thus allows a totally unique vision of expression.
The sounds are also developed in order to give them a meaning, and hence is a personal lexicon is created.
These words can come out of sheer intuition or have a link with existing languages.
The concept of the word Öxxö Xööx has several origins. It mixes the symbols of the yin and yang, the ouroboros and the hexadecimal system (0110 = x6 1001 = x9), the « X »s standing for the « 1 »s, which puts yet a bigger stress on the opposition with the « O ».
Each vowel has a « ¨ » sign, to render a specific accent to our language (for lack of a whole alphabet with new symbols). It is also the symbol of the duality of this universe.
Öxxö Xööx thus means the number 69, symbolising above all the desire to transform the 6 into a 9 to free the immaterial from the empire of the materialistic within everything of this universe. To diffuse light wherever there is darkness.
It represents, the opposite forces of the world, the eternal « recurrence » (atomic recycling, reincarnation) and expresses a position facing the entropic paradigm of the tangible universe. To break free from all forms of limitation and alienation.
As a reflection of a world that suffers and dies a little more each and every day, Öxxö Xööx's music is dark and sad. At the same time, it is full of hope.
Because everything goes back to light and love, inevitably.
For us there is no movement without a goal, and the goal is simply light, perfection, and absolute love.
We can see our world as a video game in which our flesh bodies are clones, avatars controlled remotely by our true beings that are on the other side of the world. Nothing is serious; this is just a experience, where everyone learns and draws one's own conclusions.
A video game in which we are playing for a long time.
We became addicted to this game and we have forgotten our true existence, pure and infinite. This may be the ultimate goal of the game.
This project is like a battle, a rage which aims to free the imprisoned life, everywhere, inside and outside of the embodied being.
It is spiritual music that helps to elevate the soul to the divine, in a unique way, wild, free, and brilliant. Without prescribing to a religious practice.
The musical instruments that are used are both ancient and futuristic. It is avant-garde, experimental and flamboyant Doom metal, with grand organs, harpsichords, string ensembles and opera, with metal and electronic music lead by the voices of Öxxö Xööx (Laurent Lunoir), Rïcïnn (Laure Le Prunenec), and the drums of Isarnos (Thomas Jacquelin).
On stage, we are made up, in costume, dressed and surrounded by sculptures with bright, blue stones.
We try to dramatize our inner truths, and our true personalities, through a tribal and telluric visual that's come from our imagination, another reality where there is no limit.
To try to recreate the link between the earth and celestial reality.
Art is magic and music is therapy for us and above all, a cure.
We created our own method of liberation, the depth of mind and beauty can make the heart beat, the intimate revolt against evil in humans is proof of one's membership in goodness.
All of this has one purpose: to make our seed grow, to see it turn into a tree which roots will grow into the earth, who’s branches will rise high above into the heavens and the infinite universe, pure and perfect.
There was a time when we rebeled against light, it is about time we rebel against the darkness.
We love you, eternally.
Öxxö Xööx

Estamos ante una banda única que toma diversos elementos dramáticos mezclados con metal gótico y con toques de música clásica, dark ambient, música de cámara y varios elementos vanguardistas que forman un ecléctico sinfín de melodías impredecibles en un mismo tema, saltando y saltado de un pasaje a otro, cambiando permanentemente y dejando de lado prácticamente cualquier método de construcción de composición conocido. Música nostálgica, trágica, oscura y dramática con ocasionales estallidos de energía.

Aquí les dejamos un disco distinto, una verdadera joyita que deben conocer y escuchar, porque si el estilo les agrada y logran descifrar la belleza de cada pieza, les va a deportar más de 70 minutos de puro goce musical.

El disco casi no tiene comentarios, o al menos no los encontré, aquí les dejo dos en inglés.

After gracing the world with their new musical style created to foment the blooming of the mind that takes root in inner universal truths, the umlaut loving ÖXXÖ XÖÖX spent four long years crafting their sophomore album NÄMÏDÄË which once again displays their invented language created from their intuition and set to their own codification of rules. Once again we are treated to the progressive amalgamation and musical alchemy of the musical soul to create another haunting and riveting sequel to their debut "Rëvëürt." After releasing the debut independently, this bizarre atmospheric goth and doom symphonic metal band moved things over to Blood Music and deliver another long winding operatic metal extravaganza that spans the lengthy time of 74:46 but like the previous offering leads the listener through a sonic epic musical journey that unfolds and reveals its charms slowly but never fails in the entertainment department as to keep me enthralled for the entirety of playing time.
Stylistically NÄMÏDÄË delivers the exact same recipe as the debut by incorporating classically inspired keyboard runs tainted with odd time signatures, technical drumming wizardry of Isarnos with the operatic dramatic flair of vocalists Laurent Lunoir and Laure Le Prunenec all accompanied by doom and gothic metal aggression. While the atmosphere and instrumentation remain the same on album number two, this one has more intense and interesting compositions. It seems that all the ingredients have been put on a higher flame and the result sizzle in a more dynamic and varied sounding album. The synthesized atmospheric generator is thicker than a fog filled evening in a cemetery, the metal is much more aggressive and appears more often with even scant traces of thrash creeping in whilst the lyrical delivery is even more vehemently pronounced, passionate and prophetic sounding. The compositions meander though softer and heavier passages and while Lunoir's Gothic vocals are dominant on the softer passages, he utilizes more extreme metal shouting and growls on the heavier parts at times thus bringing the mood into more aggressive musical arenas, however the music generally marches along at mid-tempo.
Once again ÖXXÖ XÖÖX constructs a beautifully delicate album where the mixing and production of the all the sounds on board are perfectly woven together to create one of the most atmospheric drenching dark ambient gothic doom metal meets operatic classical music that easily sets this band apart from virtually any other in the world and beyond today. Where else are you gonna hear doom and goth metal played together with lush string sections, haunting church organs, harpsichords, tech drumming, passionate pleas in some exotic tongue all enshrouded in unorthodox song structures that eschew any rules yet all rooted in catchy classically based melodic developments? Well, if that sounds interesting to ya, then look no further than NÄMÏDÄË because this is the real progressive / avant-garde metal deal that takes all this disparate elements and blends them together seamlessly in sprawling epic tracks that flow together to create an utterly unique and mind-blowing listening experience.
siLLy puPPy

Some folks have been complaining about how weird this release is. I guess the problem is that they are not familiar with the previous work of Laurent Lunoir, a real musical weirdo that has been able to pull off incredible albums like Igorr’s Hallelujah, which to me is a masterpiece.
Besides all the “avant-garde” elements of Nämïdäë, we find a release that could sit next to Arcturus, Ulver, Devin Townsend and other music visionaries. Even some Babymetal and J-Pop enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the massive collage of ideas.
The overall level of the album is really high, progressive and tastefully done which is admirable considering the variety of sounds included. Still, the album really feels like it was recorded by a band, as the principal instruments are the drums, guitars and vocals. The extra arrangements are just that, extra enhancements for the already well-constructed tracks. The only details that made me a bit anxious are that the drums are a bit too much; I would have loved a little bit of groove and simpler patterns in certain parts. This is obviously a personal preference and doesn’t really hurt the album anyway.
To be honest, it is worthless trying to describe this album when you can go to their bandcamp and listen to it, which you should do right now.
When you think that tere is no hope in music, when you feel that everything sounds the same, here it comes Öxxö Xööx to make your life a little bit more challenging and luminous.

Espero que logren encontrar el diamante de belleza escondido en este fango de brutalidad ecléctica.

Este es un trabajo sorprendente, otra de las joyitas que tenemos en el blog cabezón.
Si quieres más, les dejo el link de Bandcamp. No se pierdan esta maravilla.

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  1. resulta atractivo, lo voy a escuchar

  2. También tenéis la versión bruta de Igorrr: Whourkr

    Su tercer y último disco: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlvGerziGmc


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