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viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2015

Machiavel - Welcome To Paradise (2003)

Artista: Machiavel
Álbum: Welcome To Paradise
Año: 2003
Género: Eclectic Prog
Duración: 50:46
Nacionalidad: Bélgica

Lista de Temas:
1. Time Is Like The River
2. Wild As The Wind

3. You're The Woman
4. Dreams And Fascination
5. Breathe
6. Take All The Moments
7. Killing Life
8. The Real Show
9. Save My Soul
10. Out Of You
11. Clowns
12. So Long

- Mario Guccio / Voice
- Thierry Plas /Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Slide Guitar, Backing Vocals

- Roland De Greef / Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Taurus Moog, Backing Vocals
- Marc Ysaye / Drums, Percussions, Vocals
- Harvé Borbé / Piano, Keyboards

Este fue uno de los primeros discos que escuché de este Grupo allá por mitad del año 2009 cuando escuchaba puro Live365 y progrockradio (que por cierto sigue activa). Fue el segundo disco de su retorno, antes fue el disco Virtual Sun del cual hablaremos en una futura publicación, y bueno para ser honestos no es el mejor de la banda y puede notarse el aire comercial que le han dado, sin embargo tiene grandes canciones como "Wild As The Wind" o la que es considerada la mejor del álbum "So Long". Esta canción es el cierre del álbum y es un homenaje a Pierre Rapsat, quien era un compositor y gran amigo de la banda. Otra canción memorable de este disco es "Killing Life", la cual tiene sus 7 minutos de duración y la parte más remarcable es el final de esta canción.

Vamos con los comentarios desde

It has been quite a long time since Machiavel haven't recorded a studio album (five years actually).
The previous one ("Virtual Sun") was a good come back and I have to say that this one is not bad either. Well in-line with their hard pop orientation which they have played for a very long time now.
Ballads are not forgotten either and in this respect, it is pretty clear that the band wanted to release another "Rope Dancer" with "Wild As The Wind". A great slow, full of harmony, poetry. Mario is excellent in his emotional interpretation. I really like this track. Almost on par with its illustrious predecessor.
The opening number was also in the same vein, but less catchy. But it is difficult to match the melody of "Wild". A little later in the album, "Brethe" is also a melancholic song. Maybe a bit too much. It features lots of keys and no drumming. "The Real Show" and "Save My Soul" are my least favourite ones (the latter featuring Marc as the lead vocalist...).
The harder edge is back with "You're The Woman" which is still played in concerts. This is a good sign for "new" songs from "old" bands. A very good rock number followed with an average (heavy / bluesy "You're The Woman" sorry Marc, I know you're found of blues).
One of my fave "wild" number is the very good "Take All The Moments". This song also features some aerial vocals and very good drumming interplay. But the core of the song has a solid beat. I can tell you that while played live, it is rocking jolly good.
The heavy metal "Out Of You" has definite reminiscence of Led Zep (as highlighted already by Brondune). But it is well known that Marc Ysaye is an absolute Led Zep fan : his prior band was called "Moby Dick" (in which Roland was also playing) and as a radio director he did programme them quite a lot on the Belgian airplay. He was one of the lucky bast.s to get an invitation to the O2 show recently... Another good song from "Welcome To Paradise".
The last energetic piece is "Clown". Not the best one, to be honest.
The band is also signing two longer compositions (over seven minutes) which allows for more investigation but "Killing Life" is more a collage of several passages, not truly convincing. Only the last instrumental keyboard section deserves to be mentioned. A bit flat.
The closing "So Long", is of another caliber. A tribute song to their friend Pierre Rapsat who had passed away in 2002 (he is an important Belgian artist who played in "Jenghiz Khan" before his solo career). Mario is at his best (once again should I say). Emotion is sweating throughout his vocal part; the melody is very good and the instrumental part is so subtle : Hervé plays a major role again on the piano. When you listen to this song, you are of transported into their old (prog) repertoire.
A trip back some twenty-five years ago. A great emotional moment indeed and IMO, the best track from this album and one of their most polished ever.
All in all, this album is a good surprise although Thierry Plas (lead guitar) is maybe not enough on the forefront. Three stars.

Hay una infinidad de discos mejores que este pero lo comparto ya que me permitió conocer a la banda. Si no conocían a la banda ahora es el momento ya que este grupo tiene más de 30 años de vigencia y es uno de los más famosos en Bélgica.

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