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lunes, 4 de julio de 2016

Premiata Forneria Marconi & Pagani - Piazza Del Campo (2005)

Empezamos una semana con muchas sorpresas, y siempre es bienvenido un disco de la Premiata, y más si es en vivo, y más si es junto a Mauro Pagani. Esto como para empezar, vayan preparando las mentes, los oídos y los rígidos para otra semana a pura sacudida cabezona. ¿El disco? ¡Imperdible!!! Aportazo del Mago Alberto.

Artista: Premiata Forneria Marconi & Pagani
Álbum: Piazza Del Campo
Año: 2005
Género: Rock progresivo italiano
Duración: ---
Nacionalidad: Italia

Lista de Temas:
1. Rain Birth
2. River Of Life
3. Photos Of Ghosts
4. La Carrozza Di Hans
5. La Luna Nuova
6. Un Giudice
7. Mr 9 Till 5
8. Siena Violin Jam
9. Rossini's William Tell Overture
10. È Festa
11. Se Le Brescion
12. È Festa

- Flavio Premoli / piano, keyboards, mellotron, Moog synthesizer, lead vocals
- Franco Mussida / acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12 string guitar, mandolin, lead vocals
- Franz Di Cioccio / drums, percussion, vocals
- Patrik Djivas / bass
Guest musicians:
Mauro Pagani / flute, piccolo, violin, backing vocals
Lucio "Violino" Fabbri / violin, keyboards
Piero Pelù / vocals

"Piazza del Campo" es un álbum en vivo de PFM, grabado en Siena, en un concierto que también se ha publicado una versión en DVD. La exposición recorre muchas de las canciones clásicas de la discografía de PFM de los años setenta y se basa en la participación de Mauro Pagani y Piero Pelù (aunque este último sólo aparece en el DVD).
pero vamos con el comentario del Mago Alberto quien es el que nos trae éste gran disco:

Otra joya de los Premiata que viene de la mano de un amigo húngaro que amablemente comparte unos archivos muy bonitos para que los cabezones salten por los verdes prados a cazar mariposas para las cabezonas, ellas siempre de vestidos blancos y abanicos. Si, realmente este concierto es para ponerse de frac, unos tanos en la cúspide de sus carreras y gozando de tantas buenas canciones, con un Pagani que la rompe y la descose como Messi en el Barcelona, con versiones muy bien ejecutadas y con una polenta increíble, otro de PFM que cae al blog y no creo que sean los últimos.
Mago Alberto

Así empezamos otra semana de muchas sorpresas, porque realmente queremos quemarles el marote con tanta magia. No hya mucho más para comentar, ac{a algunos comentarios en inglés, por las dudas de que alguno no entienda el castellano (cada vez nos visitan más gente de todos lados).

Here's another, even more exciting and captivating DVD (also including a CD) from PFM after their DVD entitled "Live in Japan 2002". It's from a concert in the beautiful Italian city Sienna so PFM played a homegame, you can feel it in the air, what a enthousiastic atmosphere on stage and what a warm interaction with the crowd (many 40+ fans!). On the DVD "Live in Japan 2002" PFM played almost in the original line-up and in Siena former violinplayer Mauro Pagani joined the band on stage, along other guest musicians Piero Pelu (vocals), Lucio Fabbri (violin, keyboards, rhythm-guitar), Roberto Gualdi (drums) and some classical musicians. After the short opener "Rain Birth" PFM showcases their class with the composition "River of Life": a wonderful harmony of classical guitar, flute and piano, followed by sparkling and dynamic interplay by piano, flute, electric guitar, Minimoog and violin. What a lush and captivating sound and what a warm performance, these veterans love to play progrock, it comes straight from their hearts! The rest of the concert is a succession of 'classics': a splendid violin solo, accompanied by a propulsive rhythm-section in "Photos of Ghosts", exciting interplay from flute and electric guitar and lots of changing climates in "La Carrozza Di Hans", fat Minimoog runs and cheerful violin in "Fourholes in the Ground", stunning interplay from sparkling piano, harder-edged guitar en sweeping drums in "Mr. 9 till 5" and the catchy rhythm from "Celebration" featuring the known Minimoog flights, flute and violin, everybody is cheering, clapping and dancing! The long live improvisation "Siena Rock Jam" delivers lots of soli (from a 'western' violin and sensational Minimoog with pitchbend to a short Blackmore/Gillan variation). Also worth mentioning is the duo-violin performance resulting in "Rossini's William Tell Ouverture", an excellent encounter from classical - and progressive rock music, very appreciated by the fans. The DVD contains 15 tracks and the CD 12 (slightly different) so you can enjoy this outstanding Italian progrock legend both on CD and DVD.
Erik Neuteboom

Well it's thrilling to remind you of the reunion concerning the best line-up (even though for this particular occasion only with the participation of Mauro Pagani at Piazza del Campo - Siena),cause his stunning violin was an example of the perfect "alchemy" between the pop style of "Si Può Fare" and the classic Intermezzo of "Siena Violin Jam", perfectly coupled with the most famous songs of disk two (try to play the famous "Live in the USA" again, regarding of "Rossini's William Tell Overture", and then compare it to the present version!! ): you know what I mean when I talk about the modern exigencies of the new young listeners of our time, asking for something more accessible and melodic too, but They are able to appreciate in the same time the symphonic and classic breaks- through..it's a kind of fine anticipation concerning their best moments live on stage nowadays, like in the early period, here reproduced in a remarkable way, above all by looking forward their new musical "Dracula", a Rock Opera close to the masterpiece by F.Ford Coppola,both in the mood and in the development of the concept as well, which Prog Archive has not inserted into their discography yet...

Even though the package comes with CD and DVD, I will dedicate this review exclusively to explore the DVD, being that for the first time I have the chance to see the great Italian band with Mauro Pagani and Lucio Fabbri playing together with a competent string quartet in the background and sincerely what a tremendous show.
PFM are like the wine, the older, the better, they play as if they were 20 years old but with more experience, they capture the audience, mostly formed by young people, some of whom probably never saw PFM before but all of them with the older fans are jumping, clapping and enjoying together this great show.
Won't enter in many details of the songs because all have been largely reviewed in the original release but they added so many new things that have to be mentioned.
The band starts, with the amazing Classic/Baroque introduction called "Rain Birth", with Premio in the pianoli, Mussida witha n acoustic guitar and Pagani playing violin plus flute make a fantastic job, I wish it could last longer, but as I said before it's only an introduction for "The River of Life" which is the perfect complement that proves how well this guys can blend Classical and Rock without sounding like something artificial, but instead flows gently as if both genres were meant to be played together.
In "Photos of Ghosts" the star is Premoli who does an outstanding Jazzy piano work and adds his vocals still with strong accent, but who cares, after so many years we are used to it.
In "La Carrozza di Hans" the star is Mauro Pagani, who also takes the lead vocals but Franz Di Cioccio almost steals the show with his strong drumming.
Apart of it's natural beauty, "La Luna Nuova" sounds incredible because Fabbri and Pagani show a spirit of cooperation rarely seen in two musicians who play the same instrument, when one plays the violin, the other stops but when Fabbri gets his turn with the violin, Pagani supports him with the flute, incredible show at this point.
"Si Puo' Fare" gives us the chance to listen Piero Pelú on the vocals, the guy has a great voice, but sounds out of place in PFM, the advantage is that the track is one of the weakest, this time supported by Di Cioccio in the vocals while Roberto Gualdi takes the drums.
"Promenade The Puzzle" is a song that never convinced me, but the guitar intro of Franco Mussida is extremely beautiful, so it alone pays for the track
"Siena Violin Jam"n is almost a friendly contest between Fabbri and Pagani, each trying to do their best with Patrick Djivas playing in the bass a constant chord, which if I'm not wrong is a modification of "Heaven's on their Minds" from Jesus Christ Superstar, excellent exhibition of virtuoso performance.
Now, the "William Tell Overture" is a classic in PFM repertoire, but this time done with two violins is better than ever, probably the best version I ever heard of this song by the Italian icons of Prog.
The show is closed with the breathtaking "E' Festa" (Italian version of Celebration), and it's the chance for them to do what they want and show how much they still enjoy the stage, in an acrobatic movement Gualdi replaces Di Cioccio in the drums, Di Cioccio makes the crowd sing and everybody has a good time, very nice closing for a real "Celebration".
A must have for any fan of Premiata Forneria Marconi with a double advantage, you can enjoy the DVD at home and the CD in your car, five solid stars for one of the best DVD's I ever seen.
Iván Melgar

A real treat to watch the band in action again on the DVD. I was lucky enough to see them on the Chocolate Kings tour back in the 70's. They've still got it!
The negative side to this are those sections that seem to coincide with Franz Di Coccio stepping in front of the drum kit. As other reviewers have pointed out Si puo' fare and the ensuing jam are pretty poor. I'm not overkeen on the audience participation section of Celebration either. And actually I think that Franco Mussida and Flavio Premoli are more than capable of handling vocal duties. Di Coccio is a tremendously energetic and enthusiastic figure though, whether behind the drums or in front.
However the plus points are: Mauro Pagani back with the band, if only for a one off. He really adds to the sound, with his woodwind and vocal contributions as well as violin; along with Lucio Fabbri on violin. The usual high standard of musicianship and sheer sense of enjoyment given off by the whole band.
One small additional gripe, I feel Franco's guitar is a little low in the mix. A minor complaint though.
All in all, excellent though. The DVD in particular is getting frequent plays in my house.
Jeff Zedkatz

Great concert if you skip "Si puo' fare", definitely NOT digestible to prog-fans. The band's attitude changes probably to captivate young audience, also introducing on stage Piero Pelu', a local rock celebrity and producing a long boring and naive jam (probably the worst idea they ever had), wasting the talent of Mussida & co. The Band attempts again to play with the audience late in the show, performing a long version of" Celebration". Overall the performance is excellent. Pagani's violin and flute gives back PFM all his authenticity, typical of the early years, but most of the tracks are strictly played their original way, without any new exciting arrangements witch surely would please some hardcore fans.

What a good idea to play a concert on this marvellous place! I've been there once to visit this nice city of Sienna and I can share the emotion felt by the audience during this very special concert. An emotional reunion with Mauro Pagani and the great PFM! Could you imagine?
Now, to be honest: the track selection is not top notch. Only a couple of historical songs from the band are featured here. And this is quite a let down to be honest. I guess that for this particular occasion, they should have rehearsed more about their huge classic and great repertoire.
Unfortunately, what's left here are some fine showcase for Mauro while some more of their great songs should have been played. I am quite surprised that none of the reviews mentioned this aspect so far.
I was really expecting more from this live set (probably too much). I would have dreamed of "L'Isola di Niente", "Impressioni Di Settembre", "Il Banchetto" for instance. As a very old fan, I'll have to make it with a great version of " Carrozza di Hans". But I was waiting for more. Much more.
The early folkish sounds from "Luna Nuova" are only a short interlude amongst a rather jazzy business case. You might know that this is not my top fave kind of music; but the band quickly leant towards this style in the late mid-seventies. Even if superb symphonic and very much "Genesis" feel are part of this song. One of the best though of the whole live set for sure.
This album is a lost opportunity IMHHO. It should have hold many more PFM classic and great songs instead of a "Un Giudice" or some " William Tell Ouverture". I still consider this album as a good work but this is by no means their best live effort and if your are new to "PFM", this is not the best live entry at all.
What else? Well, not too much, I'm afraid. A succession of high technical skills, virtuosity and maestria. But the essence of great music is not held here. "Mr. 9 Till 5" is probably one of the best moments to be experienced during this live album.
One could also have expected more enthusiasm from the crowd; but it is not present: only some polite clapping between numbers, period. I would have liked to end up to a higher rating for a band that I quite like, and also for my 24th hundred review. But this is it: three stars.
Too hectic, too little classic tracks, some fine instrumental ("Siena Violin Jam", "E Festa") but globally only a good album. As such: only three stars.
Daniel Z.

Surely one of the best PFM's concerts I've ever heard (probably after "10 anni live 1971- 81"). The amazing Piazza del Campo in Siena is the best frame for an amazing show like the one made by PFM. The most modern song played is "Si può Fare", the rest are old songs from the first four albums. The great performance it is due by the evergreen Mauro Pagani, Franz Di Cioccio, Franco Mussida, Patrik Djivas, Flavio Premoli, but also by the great Lucio "Violino" Fabbri on violin and keyboard. Highly recommended in the version CD+DVD.

Ya saben dónde está esto. Y se viene más Premiata + sorpresa en en un ratito.

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