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viernes, 1 de julio de 2016

Peter Gabriel - Growing Up Live (DVD - 2003)

Vamos llegando al final de la semana y seguimos con los videos de Pedro Rock, ahora con un DVD imperdible para los fanáticos de Gabriel en el tope de sus capacidades, que pese a los años, se mantiene con la ayuda de un banda sólida y una gran performance.

Artista: Peter Gabriel
Álbum: Growing Up Live (DVD)
Año: 2003
Género: Crossover Prog
Duración: 133 min
Nacionalidad: Inglaterra

Lista de Temas:
1. Here Comes the Flood
2. Darkness
3. Red Rain
4. Secret World
5. Sky Blue
6. Downside Up
7. The Barry Williams Show
8. More Than This
9. Mercy Street
10. Digging in the Dirt
11. Growing Up
12. Animal Nation (featuring Dr. Hukwe Zawose and Charles Zawose)
13. Solsbury Hill
14. Sledgehammer
15. Signal to Noise (featuring Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)
16. In Your Eyes
17. Father Son
18. More Than This (Bonus track)

- Peter Gabriel / voz, guitarra y teclados
- Tony Levin / bajo y voz
- Ged Lynch / batería
- David Rhodes / guitarra y voz
- Richard Evans / guitarra, mandolina y voz
- Rachel Z / teclados y voz

por alguna razón no esncontré la alineación. En realidad, para todos los videos me pasa eso, casi no hay info de la alineación. Sobre el disco, si. Creo que la alineación es la que puse, pero cualquier error me avisan.

In 2002 and 2003, Peter Gabriel went on the road again with his 'Growing Up' tour, once more collaborating with Robert Lepage. Performing in 32 cities across the USA, Canada and Europ, this film was recorded over 2 nights at the Filoforum, Milan in May 2003.

Una pieza de colección imperdible para el fanático de la obra del ex Genesis, ya sea por el registro de la gira o por el material extra que trae este DVD.

Peter Gabriel has a long and interesting musical history, from his early days as a drummer, and as one-time singer for Genesis (yes, the same one with Phil Collins). While originally just a singer, Gabriel soon found that his penchant and flair for theatre and costume drama could be gradually introduced into Genesis' live show, and the fans loved it. They loved it so much, and the theatre became so innovative and creative, that it soon overshadowed the band's music and lyrics. The rest of the band may have appreciated the attention and the increased media interest, but not at the expense of the songs.
Launching into a solo career, the hits from the first four self-titled albums were spasmodic. They included Solsbury Hill, Shock the Monkey and Games Without Frontiers. The albums sold well, the live shows garnered excellent reviews, and Gabriel established a significant and loyal fan base. However, things became crazy for Gabriel in 1986 with the release of So that included the monster hits Sledgehammer, with that unforgettable video that became an MTV favourite, and the duet with Kate Bush, Don't Give Up. The album also contained Big Time, In Your Eyes and Red Rain.
The follow up album, Us, contained the hits Digging in the Dirt (another unforgettable video and MTV favourite), Kiss That Frog, and Steam. There were other great songs on the album with plenty of African rhythms and other world music influences. It was to be quite a few years before the next studio album, but that is not to suggest that Gabriel retired or slacked off - far from it.
Gabriel was a key figure in establishing WOMAD, a world music festival held annually, and one-off projects with artists such as Youssou N'dour. There were also films that Gabriel scored, but little in the way of live concert tours that makes DVDs such as Growing Up Live and the previous release, Secret World, such gems.
Growing Up Live is a film by Hamish Hamilton and Peter Gabriel. It has the right to call itself a film and not just a concert for this is much more than just a band and a singer with a bunch of songs - this is art, theatre and music.
Filmed over two nights at the Filaforum, Milan in May 2003 as part of the Growing Up tour, there are no real clues or giveaways that this DVD is compiled from two performances. Right from the opening split screen introduction, there is every indication that we are in for another Peter Gabriel slice of magic, and over the next 133 minutes, that is exactly what we get. It would lessen the impact of the stage and the set to go into details, but it is safe to say that there are a few surprises, as there are with every Gabriel show, and there is good use made of trap doors, rigging and various props such as a boat and a bicycle.
Gabriel's songs are perfect examples of social commentary more often than not, and the visuals that accompany many of the songs are extremely effective. There is no use of video screens so don't be expecting any copouts from Gabriel. Oh, no. When Peter Gabriel wants to show you something he is going to do it for real.
The band is a mix of old and new. Bass player Tony Levin has been with Gabriel since his early solo days, and David Rhodes on guitar is a long-serving band member. The band is hot, talented and utterly professional, and Gabriel's daughter, Melanie, appears on backing vocals.
If you want to hear a unique and talented singer, with strong and emotive songs, performed brilliantly with a stunning and creative stage show, then this DVD will fit the bill with ease. This is a big call and uses more adjectives than is probably permissible in one sentence, but you know what, after watching Growing Up Live for a second time, I am tempted to try and squeeze in a few more. This is arguably the best music DVD of the last 12 months and is a spectacle that any serious music lover should check out.

Yo no lo ví, parece que el recital está buenísimo. Lean los comentarios de Progarchives y verán.

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