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viernes, 27 de mayo de 2016

Tim Morse - Transformation (2005)

Marek nos presentó un disco que podría ser del Yes más moderno, rock sinfónico bien armado y con sonido actual. Así como traemos las glorias del pasado también nos gusta presentar buenas cosas de hoy en día, hoy le toca el turno a un tipo llamado Tim, multiinstrumentista que aquí presenta un buen álbum que los invito a conocer. Y si nos la pasamos presentando buenas bandas under latinoamericanas ¿porque no presentar también de yankilandia?.

Artista: Tim Morse
Álbum: Transformation
Año: 2005
Género: Rock sinfónico
Duración: 63:41
Nacionalidad: EEUU

Lista de Temas:
1. Present Moment
2. To Set Sail
3. Prelude
4. Goodbye
5. Shatter
6. Temptation
7. Adrift
8. Apocalyptic Visions
9. Ascension

- Tim Morse / keyboards, lead and backing vocals
- Mark Dean / guitars, bass, drums, backing vocals
- Richie Zeller / lead vocals

Generalmente no presenetamos discos de la onda Transatlantic o estilo Neal Morse, es decir, de la onda moderna más difundida del prog y más cercana al estilo yanky de hacer prog, pero la verdad que debríamos reparar un poco ese error y traerles algunas delicias. Por ello ahora les compartimos el primer disco del músico y escritor norteamericano Tim Morse, estudioso del mundo del rock progressivo e incondicional fan de Yes. Como dato adicional, Tim realiza reportajes a estrellas de rock para medios especializados y por pura diversión, y les recomide éste reportaje que le hizo a Patrick Moraz, donde habla de cómo empezó a tocar con Yes y los entretelones iniciales del gran "Relayer".

Antes que nada, debe odecirles que para mí el disco que presento ahora no es perfecto ni mucho menos, sino que tiene grandes secciones y temas, que no es lo mismo. Por el contrario, es un disco con los habituales altibajos que tiene parte del estilo yanky de componer, con cierta onda demasiado comercial y alguna baladita que estropean el rendimiento general, pero que si las dejamos de lado quedan grandes y placenteros momentos...

Otra cosa que debemos decir es que éste disco es muy poco conocido en el mundillo de la música en general, inclusive dentro del mini mundillo de la música progresiva, así que éste comentario del disco en el blog cabezón viene a ser uno de los pocos sobre el trabajo que ahora presentamos. Un disco que es una muy agradable sorpresa, con temazos épicos como el siguiente, escuchénlo que seguro que se llevan el disco sólo para poder escucharlo varias veces. Y no es el único tema sobresaliente...

Rock progresivo sinfónico que gustará a los fans del género, un pomposo álbum de rock progresivo rico y con buenos arreglos, sobretodo para un músico que sacó un disco como hobby porque vive de otras cosas, pero Tim Morse es un excelente músico y compositor, aunque el álbum sea desconocido sin duda tendrá un gran impacto en todos aquellos que lo escuchen, a la vez moderno del tipo
Spock Beard y con elementos de la época de oro del prog: Genesis, Van der Graaf Generator, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Kansas, RushYes y UK incluidos,
y donde tampoco faltan algunas mini secciones acústicas al estilo Steve Howe,
Morse presenta un enfoque progresivo fresco, con voces apasionadas, magníficas y poderosas líneas de bajo y algunas partes de teclado sumamente jugosas,
alto nivel técnico y agradables atmósferas que evocan estados de ánimo cambiantes. El álbum se desarrolla en torno a un concepto acerca de un hombre y la transformación de su vida a través del tiempo.
Aquí tienen unos videos para que vayan disfrutando de éste plato que nos regaló el bueno del polaco Marec.

Y no podían faltar algunos comentarios en inglés...

Tim Morse is an unknown american musician who release his first solo album in 2005 named Transformation. Well I was very pleasent surprise about this album, this is symphonic prog rock with some killer keybords made by Tim hinself and very well performed pieces. It reminds me of greatest artists of prog like Genesis, Spock's Beard and Yes among others. Complicated arrangements with excellent musicianship, maybe the voice of - Richie Zeller is in some places little flat and without any range, overall is more then ok, even Tim sings on couple of pieces fiting better in the musical context then Zeller, but is just my opinion. All pieces stands as great, not a weak moment here, Tim done some great parts and the album is a real keyboardheaven release. Fans of the genre will love this album, yet unnoticed to many. Pieces like Apocalyptic Visions, nearly 17 min of majestic symphonic prog, that's why this album got very positive fitback from giants of prog like Peter Banks or Patrick Moraz. 4 stars to this album, recommended to all listners of good, chalenging prog.
Bogdan Olariu

Sometimes I wonder what kind of a career can one have if carrying the same surname with a legendary figure of the same music path.American keyboardist Tim Morse, who has no relationship to the legend of Neal Morse, prooved to have a decent one.A prog enthusiast already with two books on his back ('' "Yesstories" and "Classic Rock Stories"), Tim Morse came in touch with multi-instrumentalist Mark Dean through Magna Carta's Mike Varney and released indepedently his debut ''Transformation'' in 2005 along with lead vocalist Richie Zeller.
A rich and at time pompous Progressive Rock album with tons of changing climates, ''Transformation'' not only prooves that Tim Morse is an excellent musician and composer, but the album will certainly have a great impact to all these searching for releases that have both modern and vintage elements.Influenced by GENESIS, YES and U.K., Morse presents a fresh prog approach with passionate vocals, superb and powerful bass lines by Dean and some incredible keyboard parts, including organs, synths and piano.The tracks show inspirations from SPOCK'S BEARD-like modern Prog, Symphonic Progressive Rock with a few more Fusion-esque keyboard techniques added for good measure, but they all sound extremely tight and well-crafted.Especially keyboard lovers will find this album more than satisfying, as Morse's work is characterized by bombastic organ passages, grandiose pianos and atmospheric synth textures all the way.''Transformation'' is highlighted by the 16-min. ''Apocalyptic visions'', a beautiful composition with variation on themes, alternation between highly technical and more spacey/Electronic parts and nice shifting moods.
Additionally the album unfolds around a concept about a man and his life's transformation through time with strong autobiographical sections.Nice discovery for all fans of modern and well-arranged Progressive Rock with evident references to the 70's.Strongly recommended...3.5/5 stars.

Multi-instrumentalist Tim Morse takes your breath away the second you press play with his fantastic opening track, "Descent". The piece is expertly crafted, with each break complementing the next and the pure, clean tone of the drums shining through. Morse's ability to leave the listener astounded by his professionalism and talent in less than three minutes is incredible. Although his work is heavily influenced by seventies symphonic rock sounds, Morse is able to inject a fresh, contemporary feel, working other musicians flawlessly into his creations in just the right places. Morse plays keyboards with Parallels, a Yes tribute band and the influence of this legendary group is evident in his music. But you can also hear traces of other seventies icons,including Van der Graaf Generator, Genesis, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Kansas. The contribution of violist David Ragsdale in particular is reminiscent of Kansas.
The record alternates between enchanting synth and guitar solos with an occasional touch of fusion woven in to the mix. The acoustic piano that can be heard in "Closer" is more than worthy of backing from a symphonic orchestra, but this is an addition that will probably remain nothing more than a pipe dream in the current economic situation. However, the lack of orchestra on the track, with its nods to Echolyn, doesn't make the experience any less enjoyable for the listener. In "Window", Tim Morse follows in the acoustic footsteps of Steve Howe. The wandering style of "Numb", heavily influenced by the music of Anthony Phillips, does feature an authentic cello — but in my eyes the track was missing the elegant tones of a flute that would have elevated it to an even higher level. "Found It" unfolds into a fantastic, bombastic track with a great synth solo intro. The smooth, sleek "Rome" could have been written by Kevin Gilbert himself. "The Last Wave" is a wild, fast-paced piece with a few intriguing twists, including a pure jazz intermezzo. Absolutely wonderful!
Even though Morse plays a number of instruments himself, he has enlisted a permanent guitarist, drummer and bassist, resulting in a consistent and coherent sound. Faithscience is a brilliant record that exudes musical and lyrical quality from beginning to end. Tim Morse deserves to make it into the mainstream, as he is surely one of the greats of the genre. There's definitely something special about the name Morse! Enjoy!
John Bollenberg

A very interesting album, with some great musicianship throughout...the production is superb and really makes the listener feel that they are in the middle of the band.
Kev Rowland

I love the music, and the outside chords and odd time signatures, but above that, the smoothness of your voice is so very inspiring. It is what makes this good record great. It doesn't get old; if does not lose weight or dissipate after time. It remains potently beautiful throughout and it is what ties the record together. I hear Floyd, Yes, Gentle Giant, a touch of Rush. ... But it sounds like no one but you. And that's a good place to be. Simply put; the disc is inspiring!
Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery)

Great lyrics, inventive music, and very strong vocals! I especially liked Rome and The Last Wave. It Rush and Yes had a baby; and Genesis and StarCastle had a baby; and they grew up and have their own baby it would grow up to be a great musician -Tim Morse!
Mark W.

Encontrarán este disco más que satisfactorio, como el trabajo de Morse se caracteriza por pasajes rimbombantes de órganos, pianos grandiosos y texturas de sintetizador atmosféricas hasta el final. Un álbum muy interesante, con gran musicalidad en todo aspecto... la producción es excelente y realmente hace que el oyente se sienta que están en el centro de la banda.

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