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miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2015

Grupa Stress - Z archiwum Polskiego Radia vol. 8 (1972-1979)

Otro disco que algún cabezón ha estado pidiendo desesperadamente, un dosco que en su momento nos trajo Bob, de nuevo activo en el blog cabezón, otro de los discos descubirtos y reivindicados que generosamente Alberto comparte con ustedes. El blog cabezón a puro rock polaco.

Artista: Grupa Stress
Álbum: Z archiwum Polskiego Radia vol. 8
Año: 1972-1979 / 2008
Género: Hard Rock / Pesada Progresivo
Duración: 50:20 + 43:45
Nacionalidad: Polonia

Lista de Temas:
CD 1
01. Cieżką drogą
02. Dwa lata świetlne
03. Wśród krzyży z ramionami

04. Konfiteor
05. Granica życia
06. Fatamorgana
07. Granica życia - wersja 2
08. Ciężką drogą - wersja 2
09. Cybernetyczna pamięć dnia
10. Hazard
11. Inkwizycja
CD 2
01. Dwa lata świetlne - wersja 2
02. Honkey John Western
03. Siedem lat
04. Spacer we troje
05. Pociągi do nikąd
06. Cichy poniekąd zaułek

07. Curiosum sztuki
08. Gilotyna
09. Teoria powstania
10. Wejść do własnej głowy 

- Mariusz Rybicki / vocal, guitarra, flauta
- Henryk Tomczak / bajo
- Janusz Maślak / batería
- Jerzy Milian - vibráfono (6,7)
- Mariusz Rybicki / vocal, guitarra, flauta
- Henryk Tomczak / bajo
- Janusz Maślak / batería
- Andrzej Richter / vocal, violín
- Krzysztof Jarmużek / guitarra, harmónica
- Mariusz Rybicki / vocal, guitarra, flauta
- Andrzej Lewalski / bajo
- Michał Przybysz / teclados
- Andrzej Richter / vocal, violín
- Krzysztof Jarmużek / guitarra, harmónica
- Przemysław Pahl / batería

Bueno, de este grupo no tengo ni idea así que no puedo opinar nada, esta es otra de las rarezas que nos trae nuestro amigo Bob desde Polonia, engrosando nuestro catálogo no-mainstream. Y como salvedad, sólo me queda por decir que me encantan los grupos que cantan en polaco, así que ya empezamos a bajar este álbum (que si además lo trae Bob es toda una garantía, hasta ahora viene con muuuuy buena puntería).
Bueno, los dejo con los comentarios de Bob, y espero que les guste (y espero que también me guste a mí).

Stress is one of the forgotten jewels of polish hard and progressive music. I have never released any album, during its activity, were victims of Polish socialism on music market.
Stress played mostly hard rock, do not despise rock and roll and blues, flirted with jazz through collaboration with jazz vibraphonist Jerzy Milian ("Mirage", "Border of Life"). In some recordings the band took part unknown saxophonist today. Against the background of the bands of those years behind the Iron Curtain, the group falls at least decently and properly in anything they do not disappear.
It was spring 1972. On the Polish Radio appears the song  „Ciężką drogą" widely unknown trio Stress of Poznan, which lasted nearly eight minutes the track "Ciężką drogą" was doing well in the charts of the Polish Radio Broadcasting Scout. Stress has been classified in terms of hope and a band of the year. However, this group did not lead to success, not fell or proposals for new recordings or interviews to newspapers and television.
Yes, there were the recording sessions for the Polish Radio Broadcasting Station in Poznan (1972-77) and Bydgoszcz (1979), but as a band with such great potential, it was definitely not enough.
The seventies in Poland were not gracious for groups played music that differs from big beat banality. In spite of quite good skill, interesting lyrics, great innovative music, band never came out of the musical underground. He has performed rarely, and the media did not show much interest in their music.

Fortunately, although the rock scene of the early seventies resembled a battlefield between the prohibitions governing the activities of young performers of rock music, stress was around a lot of friends who did not allow the group to disappear. Radio Poznan hosted its several recording sessions, including Jerzy Milian, helping the band on the vibraphone in recording two tracks. Group also successfully appeared at several reviews of music and festivals, but their only local dimension is not very important event in its history.
Double album "From the archives of the Polish Radio" contains all of the Group Stress recordings made during 1972-1977 for Radio Broadcasting Station in Poznan (including their alternative versions) and completely unknown in the market of the 1979 session, created for the Polish Radio in Bydgoszcz.
The first disc contains recordings from the years 1972-1973. We have here a fully formed team of heavy / hard rock with elements of progressive music, but you can see that their sound based on the so-called tradition, power trio that is, drums, and a very strong pulsating bass and guitar of course.
If you have to compare with someone from the West closest to him Grand Funk Railroad may somewhat Budgie... In their music you can find progressive elements. The real gem is the first album ending track "Inquisition". By the characteristic change of pace the band can be compared to heavy progressive British bands: T2, Clear Blue Sky etc.

On the second disc, the band appears in various shades of the American Southern rock to return to heavy progressive. The music is more aggressive with more brutal and stronger vocals, but also the progressive insertion aided by the wind instruments are somehow more sophisticated.
The band changed composition several times, personnel changes even more attractive music group, in 1979 the group went silent.
If they really love the music group of the western of the seventies, is not nothing an obstacle enjoy in music polish band Stress....   

Fully deserves it!

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  4. Después de mucho tiempo, el Mago Alberto se apiada de ustedes y les trae este disco.

    Download: (APE - No CUE + Log + Scans)


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