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jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2016

Kries - Kocijani (2008)

Folk rock desde Croacia en el blog cabezón. Generalmente se define al rock progresivo como la conjunción entre rock vanguardista, música clásica y jazz, pero yo siempre dije que esa definición quedaba corta porque a la mesa le falta una pata: la cuarta pata es la música popular, la música étnica y autóctona, o lo que se conoce como "folcklore". Todo el blog cabezón es una muestra de lo que estoy diciendo, y con grupos tan importantes como Jethro Tull o las incursiones de Peter Gabriel como ejemplo. Aquí, el sabrosísimo mundo folcklórico de Croacia en tono de rock progresivo, y para que vean que en todos lados se generan cosas interesantísimas, este no será el único disco de Croacia para traerles... instrumentos de rock junto con melodías e instrumentos tradicionales de esa tierra en un disco muy bueno.

Artista: Kries
Álbum: Kocijani
Año: 2008
Género: World Music / Prog Folk / Folk Rock
Duración: 53:10
Nacionalidad: Croacia

Lista de Temas:
1. Crlicica
2. Lepi Juro kries nalaze
3. Cuj Marice
4. Oj Livado
5. Procvala Je
6. Djever djevojku vodi za ruku
7. Bujada
8. Pisan jelen
9. Kocarina
10. Sava
11. Zora

- Mojmir Novakovicz / vocal
- Ivo Letunicz / lyra, back vocal
- Andor Vegh / diple (1, 9); gajde (2, 8, 10, 11); Kaval (1, 9); dude (7); flute (4); back vocal (10)
- Kresimir Oreski / tapan (1, 9, 11); percussions (2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9)
- Erol Zejnilovicz / guitar (7); sargija (1, 3); el & accoustic guitars
- Konrad Lovrenczizc / bass
- Ivan Levaczicz / drums

¡Muy lindo disco! Además de interesantísimo, está muy bueno.
¿Quién hubiera pensado que uno de los descubrimientos sería una banda de folk-rock croata que revive canciones tradicionales, pero lo hacen con tanta pasión y entusiasmo que les hace sonar contemporáneo? Su genial cantante de pelo largo, Mojmir Novaković, actúa como una estrella del pop, pero claramente tiene respeto por la herencia folklórica de su país.

Mojmir Novaković está respaldado por una banda que coincide con una sección rítmica de ataque contra una alineación que incluye gaitas tradicionales de piel de cabra y el lijerica "violín rodilla", además de las guitarras eléctricas y bajos. En el violín esta el productor de la banda y el único miembro no croata, Martin Swan, mejor conocido por su trabajo con la banda gaélico escocés Mouth Music. El resultado es un conjunto intrigante que vira desde baladas fuertes y vocal trabajo armonía a estallidos de llanto de la guitarra de rock y gaitas. Kries son los más experimentados en vivo, pero esto es una impresionante introducción.

Así que vamos con otra de las sorpresas del blog cabezón... un disco muy disfrutable que pone a la cultura croata en el centro de la escena, y junto con un montón de otros discos de diversas partes del mundo demuestra la profunda vinculación entre la música experimental o vanguardista (no me atrevo a hablar de "progresivo", término del que ya he dicho no existe salvo como orientación pero que no es un estilo en sí mismo). Sea como sea, el folk de todas partes está, y debe estar presente, en el blog cabezón, sobretodo cuando es la calidad lo que impera como hecho artístico.

Vamos con algún comentario que encuentro sobre el disco, después de mucho explorar.

Who would have thought that one of the discoveries of the year would be a Croatian folk-rock band who revive traditional songs, but do so with a passion and verve that makes them sound contemporary, even dangerous? Their theatrical, long-haired singer, Mojmir Novakovi´c, acts like a pop star but clearly has respect for his country's folk heritage. He is backed by a band that matches an attacking rhythm section against a lineup that includes traditional goatskin bagpipes and the lijerica "knee violin", plus electric guitars and bass. On violin is the band's producer and only non-Croatian member, Martin Swan, best known for his work with the Scottish Gaelic band Mouth Music. The result is an intriguing set that veers from strong ballads and vocal harmony work to bursts of wailing rock guitar and bagpipes. Kries are best experienced live, but this is an impressive introduction.
Robin Denselow

I would sing, not sure if I can, my friend will you help me then? ... Croatia takes me by surprise, but so did the Croatian football team at the Euro 2008. Kries is a Croatian folk rock band who take up traditional words and music, polished up by singer Mojmir Novakovic (the lyrics are partially translated in the booklet). Kries is an old Croatian word for a bonfire, Kocijani is a small village in north west Croatia by the river Kupa. They are building a bonfire to gather round and sing and dance. Indeed, "Lepi Juro kries nalaze" is a song for St George's Eve when bonfires are lit up. Kries is quite passionate, the rock backing is supported with the tapan drum (played by Kresimir Oreski), laying the foundation for the gajde bagpipe and the kaval flute (Andor Vegh) and the lijerica knee violin (Ivo Letunic) to shine. By the way, on a couple of tracks the fiddle is played by the band's producer, Scotsman Martin Swan. In concert Kries should be a real killer. However, the band is not too war-like and martial. While singing O meadow, dewy grass, maple tree, who is watching the herd, my dear one, a young girl is watching the herd, watching it and singing, my dear one, the band thinks about the landmine problem all over the world (1 million landmines are said to be in Croatia and Bosnia alone). Who said that traditional music has no contemporary edge? Well, I wouldn't say that Kries is too traditional at all!

Another band presenting the new album will be KRIES, the Croatian band audience of EA know very well. Kries published a new album „Kocijani“ in January 2008. The album was named after a picturesque little village in Gorski Kotar where the band spent a lot of time working on songs that are inspired by traditional songs of Croatia and by nature they were surrounded. Malaysian magazine „Star“ describes their live performance as „explosive, hypnotic and addictive“ . After presenting the new album in various countries and places, Kries is especially looking forward to playing at Gradina in Solin, because, as many artists who have already performed in Solin, claim – the audience of festival Ethnoambient Salona is special.

Together with some of his college friends, at the beginning of '90's Mojmir Novakovic started a band Legen and in 1995 he initiated Ethnoambient Festival, dedicated to tradition based music from Croatia. This festival is still successfully introducing different cultures to each other celebrating the beauty of cultural diversity. In 2002, members of Legen, who toured for 10 years all around the World (Spain, Mexico, Columbia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia...), decided to take a break from each other and Mojmir formed a new group of musicians with the name, Kries (Bonfire in archaic form of Croatian language). In the first year of this band's existence, they made music for Konjanik (Horseman), a movie by the well known Croatian director Branko Ivanda and soon followed their first album Ivo i Mara (Kopito 2004) which got very supportive reviews in international media.
In 2005, they were awarded the Croatian Music Award PORIN for the best original music for theatre, movie and TV.
This is their second album Kocijani, created with the cooperation of Martin Swan as a music producer. It was released in January 2008 (Kopito records) and has received excellent reviews worldwide.
Mojmir Novakovic and KRIES base their musical creations on traditional lyrics, Slavic mythology and Croatian-Bosnian traditional instruments (with electronics being integral part of it.)
They believe that ancient scripts and traditional chants of the Croatian people offer numerous keys for discovering a good quality of life and that it is up to each of us to find them and learn to apply those valuable teachings into present day living.
Kocijani is a small village in north west Croatia by the river Kupa. They are building a bonfire to gather round and sing and dance. Indeed, "Lepi Juro kries nalaze" is a song for St George's Eve when bonfires are lit up. Kries is quite passionate, the rock backing is supported with the tapan drum (played by Kresimir Oreski), laying the foundation for the gajde bagpipe and the kaval flute (Andor Vegh) and the lijerica knee violin (Ivo Letunic) to shine.

The Best World Music Group in the Region at Judino Drvo - KRIES!
One of the most attractive representatives of the world music genre in the region will be coming to Judino Drvo on Friday, September 2 - Croatian group “KRIES”.
KRIES has recently performed at numerous summer festivals, the opening of the European University Games, and have recorded a new album due out soon, with many expecting a top band in top form for another memorable concert experience in folk and world music rhythms.
KRIES is a seven-member band that finds inspiration in the melodies and lyrics of traditional songs, Slavic mythology, and the Dinaric rhythms and sounds of Mediterranean musical instruments. KRIES has appropriated the title as the most active and most representative of world music from the region. Their songs have found their place on the air of radio stations around the world, as well as in international compilations of the genre.
Reviews and music critics from foreign media are full of praise for their albums and concerts - a virtuoso performance and an energetic stage persona are just some of the reasons for their exceptional success with audiences around the world. Apart from Croatia, KRIES have performed solo concerts and festivals in Austria, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, England, Malaysia, Borneo, and played frestivals such as Sziget Festival, United Islands, Colours of Ostrava, Rainforest World Music Festival, Celtic Connections, Balkan Fever, RTE, Roots & Blues, and many more.
KRIES was created in late 2002, with their first performance already in March 2003 performing for the program opening of ITB, the world's largest tourism fair held in Berlin. This opening concert was held in Croatia.
Their first album "Ivo and Mara" was released in 2004, and in 2008 they released their second album "Kocijani" in cooperation with Martin Swan as a music producer. KRIES is currently completing their third album which is expected out later in 2016.
In addition to studio albums, KRIES made the music for the feature film "The Horseman" by Branko Ivanda (for which they received the "Porin 2005" in the category "best album of original music for theater, film and TV"), the music for two theater productions: "Voices from the mountains" and "Quest" and music for a promotional film of the Croatian motorways.
Daniela Rogulj

Un disco que me parece muy apreciable, muy lindo, con momentos de belleza pero también crudo, exótico, dulce... otra joyita inconseguible en el blog cabezón. Disfruten, que para eso estamos...


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  1. en gustos dicen se rompen generos, 50 teras de agradecimiento, por este disco, no habia podido escucharlo hasta hoy y sin ser algo totalmente diferente o novedoso, es extraordinario y de una riqueza expresiva que se agradece con otros 50 teras, favor de poner algo mas de este grupo y de sus colegitas de zona.


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