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jueves, 25 de agosto de 2016

Jukka Tolonen - A Passenger To Paramaribo (1977)

Volvemos con otro disco del Santana finlandés. Otro disco bien jipi para llenar de rock la Biblioteca Sonora. El Guitar Hero finlandés con otro de sus disoos insignia. Vicky, seguro estará feliz.

Artista: Jukka Tolonen
Álbum: A Passenger To Paramaribo
Año: 1977
Género: Jazz rock psicodélico
Duración: 41:40
Nacionalidad: Finlandia

Lista de Temas:
1. A Passenger To Paramaribo
2. Punks!
3. Tanja
4. Phantastes
5. Air Rock
6. "Dimitri"
7. What Went Wrong?

- Jukka Tolonen / guitars
- Coste Apetrea / guitars
- Christer Eklund / bass
- Harri Merilahti / drums
- Bill Carson / drums,percussion
- Joachim Kuhn / keyboards, piano

Al final de cuentas, le tienen que agradecer a Vicky todas estas subidas de Jukka Tolonen que viene a engrosar la listas de sus paisanos que ya estaban en el blog Pekka Pohjola, Wigwam, Tasavallan Presidentti mientras que están en espera varios que aún no publicamos pero están siempre presentes, mientras que aparte estoy preparando algunos disquitos de rock finlandés actual que les va a reventar la cabeza.
Todo un trabajo, no hay descanso en el blog cabezón.
Sobre el disco en sí, el estilo del músico, etc. etc. etc. ¿qué más podría agregar a lo ya dicho? para quien le interese, les dejo algunos comentarios de terceros como para cumplir, mientras vamos preparando más discos del señor Tolonen a ver si alcanzo a publicar todo lo que tengo en esta misma semana.

Jukka Tolonen is not only Finland's national guitar hero but also one of the world's most respected guitarists. For the past 4 decades, he has captivated audiences through Scandinavia and Europe with his powerful and passionate works. He remains of the the most diverse guitarists of today, being equally proficient in a blues, rock, or fusion jazz environment.
Born in Helsinki in 1952, Tolonen first came to center stage in 1969 when a group of young Finnish musicians merged their collective talents to form the widely popular rock/jazz fusion band Tasavallan Presidentti, who were to record four critically acclaimed albums. During this time, Tolonen also recorded two albums with another well know band Wigwam. These recordings would establish Tolonen as a powerfully explosive and technically spectacular guitarist.
However, it would be his soon coming solo recordings that would really turn the music world upon its collective ear. His self titled debut recording, followed by "Summer Games", "The Hook", and "Hysterica" would set new standards for jazz fusion recordings and remain popular world wide even unto today.
Throughout the years, Jukka Tolonen has added his unique wizardry to recordings by Bill's Boogie Band, Piirpauke, and most recently a live recording from Tasavallan Presidentti. He has also recorded jazz fusion albums as the Jukka Tolonen Band and a couple of outstanding fusion flavored rock albums as the Jukka Tolonen Trio. These recordings, though varying in style, consistently demonstrate Jukka Tolonen as one of the premier guitarists of this or any other generation.

An exciting entry in the jazz/fusion with funk overtones category, "Passenger to Paramaribo" listens on par with Jeff Beck's classic fusion albums "Blow by Blow" and "Wired". The band is tight throughout, enhancing the funk feel along with the crispy clean almost glossy production. "Punks" and "Air Rock" are particular highlights from this 1977 release. A sorely underexposed figure in the jazz rock world, This album is waiting for inclined parties to dive in. If you like Isotope or Colosseum II or Sloche or Jeff Beck's two records I mentioned, give this one a try. It also reminds me of a Larry Coryell guitar fusion with funk release, "Aspects".
Wade Frazier Van Horn

I see some Santana in here (maybe i'm wrong). I'ts a very enjoyable album but i couldn't play it more than once. I'ts like eating something not nice, but if you are starving you'll have it anyway. I'm not saying this is a bad album, but is not quite prog for my taste. Anyway, if you like guitars you hear it.
Martin Popelka

Jukka Tolonen is one of Finland's best known Prog musicians. His solo works are generally instrumental, but this release finds Bill Carson sing on the closing track. Surprisingly, it comes off quite well as a laid back winding down after a generally high intensity "tour the force" of the preceding tracks. This release is perhaps more dynamic and less subtle than Tolonen's previous two albums, but still strongly in the Jazz-Rock vein, this time coupled with some unmistakable Funk. Nothing really wrong with that and the funky approach seem to dominate Tolonen's future releases for the corresponding time period.
A versatile artist who in 2004 eventually arrives at dedicating a whole album to John Coltrane with a title "Cool Train" (yet to be added to his rather incomplete discography on PA).
"A Passenger To Paramaribo" represents excellent musicianship bursting with energy. The odd, lyrical piece "Tanja" (dedicated to his partner) is a welcome interlude. (Curiously, in 2008 Tolonen was jailed for stabbing his partner. By the time of his release in 2010, he developed osteoarthritis and was no longer able to play the guitar.)
Special mention is due to legendary Finnish record label "Love Records" that were instrumental in supporting Finnish Prog till they went out of business. Their logo is charmingly cheeky, but you'll have to Google on that to see it for yourself.
This album is definitely above 4 and contrary to some of the funky bits, it's only a bit short of 5, so to be pedantic, it's an excellent addition bordering on a Prog masterpiece.
Drago Museveni

Ya saben dónde encontrarlo... sino siempre pueden preguntar.

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  1. Claro que Vicky está muy feliz!! Jajaj, gracias, Moeeee! :D

  2. ¡Años de estarlo Buscando...!!!
    jamás lo tuve, lo escuchaba en la casa de un amigo a finales de los 70's... en aquellos años encontré en Jukka Tolonen, Erik Visser y Riccardo Zappa (principalmente) que los guitarristas de rock pueden ser unos soberanos VIRTUOSOS de ese instrumento... soy mexicano y, aunque halagador, nop, no creo que sea justo llamar a Tolonen el "Santana Finlandés"... por más que esté orgulloso de mi paisano Carlos Humberto "Devadip" Santana Barragán...!!!


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