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viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016

Genesis - Live (DVD - 1973-1974)

Ahora en vez de traerles una rareza les dejamos un clásico. Llega el viernes y le toca el turno a los videos, y aquí tenemos el registro del paso de Genesis por EEUU, UK y Canadá en los dorados 70s. Material de lujo tanto para los nostálgicos como para que los purretes progresivos mamen y vivan un poco de los sonidos máximos logrados por uno de sus mayores exponentes en su momento más brillante.

Artista: Genesis
Álbum: Live
Año: 1973-1974
Género: Rock sinfónico
Nacionalidad: Inglaterra

Lista de Temas:
1. Watcher of the Skies
2. Dancing With the Moonlit Knight
3. I Know What I Like
4. The Musical Box
5. Supper's Ready
6. Watcher of the Skies
7. The Musical Box
8. Watcher of the Skies
9. I Know What I Like
10. Firth of Fifth
11. Fragments of Supper's Ready

- Peter Gabriel / vocals, flute, tambourine
- Tony Banks / keyboards, Mellotron
- Steve Hackett / guitars
- Mike Rutherford / bass
- Phil Collins / drums, backing vocals

¿Hace falta comentar algo...? Yo no lo haré, cualquier cosa les copio la siguiente info en ingles, por si a alguno le hace falta y quiera saber más sobre ésto. Para que lo disfruten en el fin de semana, otro documento infaltable para el museo que estamos armando en el blog cabezón.

It was 40 years ago that Genesis performed in this studio and 10 years ago that I did our first transfer of this 16mm film in PAL format (720x576). The results of this effort along with the generosity at meeksgenesis, SAB for the audio work, RH for the artwork, and a host of others well documented, created a masterpiece that has been used countless times after on TV, bootlegs, "review" DVDs, and even the official Genesis boxed sets. Who would have thought that our work would go so far? Well, I am here to try to push the envelope a little further...I give you Shepperton HD.
16mm is used for amateur (and even professional) filmmaking so there are many more transfer options than for 8mm. But the best of the best is the Spirit DataCine in 2K (2048 pixel CCD resolution) and is used for Hollywood films, as well as PG's recent Secret World Blu-Ray DVD. Of course it is far more common nowadays to see 35mm, transferred by the Spirit in 4K since the film is bigger. They also make an 8mm gate for the Spirit, but because the smaller film size can only use 1K of the resolution (less than HD) this caused debates as to whether it is worthwhile and makes this 8mm gate extremely expensive and almost unheard of. You may also notice that the gate on the Spirit is a little bigger than the previous transfer, maybe 3-5% or so of extra image around the edges. This is still a 4:3 aspect ratio, but more of the stage can be seen than ever before.

This is a low-budget DVD (I paid 7 euros) capturing the classic Genesis in three different concerts. It is the Shepperton Studios material (tracks 1-5 to be exact) from October 1973 that makes it worth having, the two others have pretty low sound/picture quality - and besides that, are partly abridged in a terrible manner. Unfortunately that concerns most notably 'Firth of Fifth' filmed in Canada. Otherwise the song selection repeats the same titles as the Shepperton concert, which is no perfect either in picture clarity, but it serves its purpose well enough: this is a truly CLASSIC STUFF! This is how Gabriel-led Genesis show looked like in those old days of masks and costumes.
It leaves no doubt that visually it all focuses on Gabriel and his acting. The rest of the band just plays in the background without even trying to gain attention. For example when the camera rarely shoots Banks leaning over his Mellotron, the picture could just as well be stuck in your DVD player. The directing & cutting also resembles an old art film like Nosferatu, especially the opening number 'Watcher of the Skies' in which our angel is wearing batwings and a cloak.
And you surely know the other costumes too: Britannia in 'Moonlit Knight', a flower in 'Supper's Ready', the old man in the final section of 'Musical Box'... Another nice thing are Peter's intro speeches, especially before 'Supper's Ready'. Those who have heard Genesis Archive vol 1 know the story of Henry rubbing his body into grass etc... "To you this may mean Jerusalem Boogie but to the birds it meant that the supper was ready." Ha ha!
Even with a poor technical quality it is obvious that any Genesis fan makes a good little investment with this rare stuff.

The Shepperton concert was originally an official film, produced by Tony Stratton- Smith, who was until mid 1973, Genesis`manager and he also was the owner of Genesis`label Charisma Records. The film starts with "Watcher of the Skies", in semi- darkness, with Peter Gabriel wearing a costume which had "batwings". In "Dancing with the Moonlit Knight" he appears in the beginning of the song wearing a "Brittania" costume. In this song one can appreciate Steve Hackett`s guitar technique in the lead guitar section. In "I Know What I Like" Gabriel looks a bit like a "hippie" wearing a hat. "The Musical Box" starts with Gabriel telling the story related to the song, and in the mid of the song, Hackett and Banks trade very good solos. In the end of the song Gabriel wears his "Old Man Mask". "Supper`s Ready" is very interesting and very well played. Gabriel changes costumes several times, and the song ends with energy while he wears a silver coloured costume with the lights reflected very well in his costume while he has a fluorescent cross in his hands. A great finale to this song.
In conclusion, this film, while done at a film studio with audience present, is well done, and maybe it is the best document of a Genesis concert with Peter Gabriel . The sound and picture have good quality for a concert filmed in the early seventies
Guillermo Vázquez Malagamba

In the early Nineties I started to collect 70-77 Genesis footage, in those days hard to purchase. It took some time, efforts and money but gradually I succeeded to build-up an interesting collection. And now ... here is this DVD featuring most of the material of my 70-77 Genesis collection, you can easily and cheaply buy it on many weekly markets, between the shops with tropical fruit, fish and ladies underwear! So one of the lowest priced progrock DVD's (just 5-7 bugs) is also one of the most amazing progrock DVD's, the 1973-1974 live-era.
First Shepperton Studio1973 (UK) featuring five tracks (a bit dark view): Watcher Of The Skies (majestic keyboard intro, Gabriel with the bat wings and the grand finale with the glittercape and powerful Hammond organ sound), Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (funny introduction by Peter Gabriel who is dressed as a medieval soldier and great work on keyboards by Banks and Hackett on guitar), I Know What I Like (funny theatrical act by Peter Gabriel and the electric sitar play by Hackett), The Musical Box (perhaps the visual progrock highlight with Gabriel and the old man mask) and the epic Supper's Ready: the twanging 12- string acoustic guitars by Banks and Rutherford, Rutherford on his Rickenbacker twin- neck guitar, Collins his dynamic drums, Banks his unique and varied keyboard work and, last but not least, Gabriel with his mindblowing visuals and stage-antics: his funny introduction, the crown of thornes, flower mask, red box ('666'), the psychedelic organ solo by Banks and the grand finale with the illuminated tube, AWESOME!!
Then the Midnight Special (December 1973), recorded in the NBC Studios in the USA featuring the two songs Watcher Of The Skies (mindblowing intro with good view on Gabriel his painted face with wonderful blue light) and The Musical Box (mediocre quality but great version with exciting grand finale: old man mask, mimics, switching lights and the mike standard act).
Finally The Black Show (April 1974) in the Canadian city Montreal, this footage is extensively used by the Genesis tribute band The Musical Box. The quality is mediocre but the images are very worth watching, especially the (abridged) version of Firth Of Fifth: Banks playing on the piano and his ARP Pro Solist synthesizer and Hackett his compelling guitar solo, you can clearly see him using guitar techniques like bending, slide and hammering down, goose bumps!
Erik Neuteboom

All those lovely Genesis performances you used to find separate in YouTube and GoogleVideo turned out to be gathered in this fine amateurish DVD. An interesting find, where you realy don't spend money in the (almost inexistant) presentation and go right for the videos. Depite the line up presented, you can watch all three performances in any order you like. Personaly, I always leave the "first" (30-10-1973 Shepperton Studios) for last, simply because it has the best tracklist/quality relation. It is that show alone that makes this a worthwhile purchase. The greatest downsize of this release is the want of variety: we have three renditions of Watcher of the Skies (definitly not one of my favorite tracks by Genesis) two of I Know What I Like, The Musical Box and Supper's Ready - but "you can't always get what you want". It's a great chance to see Genesis at the top of their game, something that (I am now convinced of that) you will never ever get the chance to see again.
João Cotrim

When picture and sound quality do NOT matter at all ..!
I just got this DVD yesterday and when I came back home from work last night about 9:30 I saw a package from Missingpiece.net (Thanks Martin!) already at my desktop. It was colleague Collaborator Erik Neuteboom who recommended me for having this DVD. It's not a regret purchase at all. Thanks, Erik! So after I finished my quick dinner (due to curiosity about this "rare" DVD) I put the disc into my DVD Player. I do not care with the fact that I was so tired after cycling from work (approx 22 KM or 15 miles, it's my Bike to Work Day!) I could not procrastinate any longer even one single night!. My heart gave thumping beats and my adrenaline run faster even before the picture appeared on my TV screen. Well, actually I hate TV but for playing prog rock DVDs! And . BOOM! When the screen started showing picture with its main menu and parts of The Musical Box music with "I've been waiting so long ..." lyrical part, .my adrenaline run even faster and my curiosity reached the ultimate limit. There were three three choices in the menu: 30-10-1973 Shepperton Studios, Borehamwood, UK ; 20-12-1973 Midnight Special - NBC Studios, Burbank, California, USA; and 20-04-1974 The Black Show - University Sports Arena, Montreal, Canada. I clicked the Shepperton concert first.
It started with keyboard solo and mellotron intro for a song that actually I do not favor "Watcher of The Skies" . but this time I really do not care whether I like it or not! It does not matter at all to me. Here we .. go . what I see is Peter Gabriel singing with his white mask and theatrical act. Oh my God . what a great performance! It flows to the next track starting with "Can You tell me where my country lies? ." a lyrical part of "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight" that I used to use to greet friends especially prog heads. Oh I cannot believe that I watch this DVD man! You might not believe that I had tears in my eyes ("mbrebes mili") when I saw Gabriel sings and Steve Hackett follows with his howling guitar solo. What a POWERFUL show!!!! Yeaaaaaaaaahhh ..!!! Genesis Gabriel era rules .!!! that's exactly what I said while watching this DVD. I really do not care about the sound quality and picture quality which are not good actually. But who cares man? What matters most to me was that . thanks God . I finally can enjoy the Gabriel concert with Genesis in its full coverage! And . at the end of this track Gabriel plays his flute beautifully. Oh, I cannot believe it's true ..
Gabriel changes his gear again for the next track "I Know What I Like". His stage act is so attractive. Just before the song really starts he acts like an actor on stage, theatrically. The next rack is the legendary "The Musical Box" which Gabriel opens it with communication with the audience. He sings wholeheartedly and sometimes using flute when necessary. "Play me my song .. here it comes again .". Through this DVD I saw it clearly that actually Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Steve Hackett are all of them play acoustic guitars during opening part! During the performance of this song, after long musical interlude . Gabriel went back stage .. he used an old man (like a grand pa) mask .and then sings "She's the lady .. she is mine ." oh my God .. what a great gesture, mimics and body language he uses while singing this song!
Here comes Supper's Ready ..!
This is really a long awaited video on "Supper's Ready" in concert, by Gabriel! When I first listened to audio version of the concert under Genesis Archives # 1, I already was impressed with it. And now .. what I am facing is the DVD. Oh .. it must be wonderful! Gabriel starts communication with the audience. I like the part when he sings "Jerussalem" with Phil Collins drum work. The audience gave applause and after this short part, Gabriel shake hand with Phil Collins (something that I had ever known before). "Walking cross a sitting room ." oh my God .. finally I watch them in concert! And again, during opening part the three gentlemen play acoustic guitar. I also like when Gabriel plays his flute. This epic song is performed excellently by the band. As usual, Gabriel is well equipped with many types of gears including the big flowers where he puts his head at the center. Oh actually, writing about the live performance of Supper's Ready can take a novel long review! It's amazing! It's powerful!
Conclusion: This DVD is definitely a MUST for avid Genesis music lover. I am sure you will not count the picture and sound quality (which are actually bad) for this long awaited and really memorable video concert! Even the quality of picture and sound for the Black Show concert is really bad. One legendary song "Firth of Fifth" (thanks to Tony Banks for including the piano intro - even though it's shortened) is even truncated in the middle part and continued with end part. Disappointing actually, but again .. I really don't care! This is the best that I can expect for a memorable live performance! Genesis Gabriel ear really rule! Keep on proggin' ..!
Gatot Widayanto

For many years available only thru bootlegs I was finally able to get this DVD that shows Genesis at its peak. Ok, the sound and image quality is far from the best, but it is still amazing! And is an improvement from the very poor and dark images we had on the VHS version (more than 30 years when it was filmed, remeber!). To see the band performe some of prog´s best ever classics is such an experience. Of course you wish the set list was longer and more varied, but the dream of a lifetime to see them playing such stuff as The Musical Box and Supper´s Ready has come true at last and is a joy no one can describe. You have to see to feel it!
Gabriel proves that he is a born frontman and actually a perfect actor. Imagine watching something like this at the time! It sure was new! And it giveshivers down the spine even today! And the band is showing a truly group sound that takes the music to new grounds.
An essential buy for any prog fan!
Tarcisio Moura

Priceless Document
I was too young when Gabriel fronted GENESIS, so never saw them until the Invisible Touch tour which I hated, before I got this DVD, only had seen pieces of footage of Gabriel with my favourite band on stage, his famous act, his costumes, the way he communicated with the audience, his acid sense of humour were just a legend for me.
After many years of dreaming with this performances bought "Genesis Live" I could find in Lima, and wasn't cheap here in my country, but I don't regret what I paid, watching the whole band perform Supper's Ready, Hackett playing sited down without caring for anything beside his guitar, Tony Banks practically hiding behind his old organ while giving some of his best solos, Rutherford proving he was a clue member and Peter joking with a Phil Collins who acted as a second frontman was simply unbelievable for me.
I had only seen characters such as Britannia, Old Henry or the Lawnmower on photos, but watching Peter Gabriel actually moving, talking an singing with those costumes was like meeting with old friends who I had only talked by phone, looking at Phil making those outstanding backing vocals on "The Musical Box" was something I didn't expected, because things only get real when you watch them.
I read all the books about early GENESIS I was able to grab, listened all their albums, singles, even bootlegs, heard stories, felt envy of those who had tthe chance to see this shows but this DVD proved me I choose the right band to be my favourite, yes the image is bad and the sound isn't much better, but I wouldn't change this DVD for a new video of any other band.
If you are a GENESIS fan like me, you need to get this DVD, it's worth.....Despite the bad quality film and sound, I rate it with 5 stars, because it's an historical document, and this is priceless.
Iván Melgar

WOW. This DVD is so good it defines me as a person! I've just recently gotten in to Genesis and can't get off their music to the point where Im starting a cover band from their earlier days. This DVD is by far the best in the Genesis database (ESPECIALLY THE FULL LENGTH SUPPER'S READY). If you want concert footage from their prime years with Gabriel, this is a must. It's all there, from the beautiful intricate arrangements to the undeniable stage presence of Gabriel. DEFINETLY A MUST FOR ANY PROG FAN! I COULDN'T EVEN FINISH MY SUPPER WHEN I FIRST WATCHED THIS.
Chad Bizier

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Si no estás de acuerdo con lo expresado podrás dejar tu comentario siempre que no sea ofensivo, discriminador o violento...

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