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martes, 23 de agosto de 2016

Jukka Tolonen - The Hook / Hysterica (1974 / 1975)

Una reedición con dos de los mejores discos de Jukka, quizás en la apoteosis de su carrera, conformando un disco de casi 75 minutos de música excelente. Un absoluto discazo (mejor dicho, son dos discazos juntos) en un día de música excelente en el blog cabezón, ahora orta vez con el mejor rock finlandés, con un disco para caerse de culo y disfrutar a lo grande. Realmente excelente!

Artista: Jukka Tolonen
Álbum: The Hook / Hysterica
Año: 1974 / 1975
Género: Jazz rock psicodélico
Duración: 73:54
Nacionalidad: Finlandia

Lista de Temas:
The Hook
01. Aurora Borealis
02. Starfish
03. The Sea
04. The Hook
05. Jimi
06. Django
07. Hysterica
08. Tiger
09. Silva The Cat
10. Windermere Avenue

- Jukka Tolonen / Guitar, Piano
- Pekka Pöyry / Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute
- Heikki Virtanen / Bass
- Esko Rosnell / Drums, Percussion
- Esa Kotilainen / Moog, Clavinet, Accordion, Organ, Synthesizers
- Jan Kling / Tenor Sax
- Torgny Nilsson / Trombone
- Bertil Löfgren / Trumpet
- Seppo Paakkunainen / Baritone Sax
- Sakari Kukko/ Soprano Sax, Flute
- Pekka Pohjola/ Bass

No le voy a dar vueltas, ya presenté al músico, al país, a sus bandas y a todo lo que podía presentar, ahora les traigo lo que me parece es uno de sus mejores trabajos y su mejor momento, en un disco donde también participan luminarias de la escena finlandesa como Pekka Pohjola. Un disco imperdible que se viene a sumar a la saga Jukka Tolonen y nuestra revisión del rock finlandés para aumentar el estudio de la escuelita de rcok del Mago Alberto.
A Vicky se le debe caer la baba por esto, jeje...

Un par de comentarios y... A disfrutar!!!

This is the third solo album by the most legendary guitar hero in the Finnish prog history (in addition to a large and respected solo career - mainly in Fusion - he was a key member of TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI). Already the list of musicians is very promising: Esa Kotilainen (moog, clavinet, accordion), Pekka Pöyry (saxes, flute), four other blowers, and the rhythm section of Heikki Virtanen and Esko Rosnell. Tolonen himself plays also piano. The music was recorded in Stockholm's Marcus Music AB and produced by Måns Groundstroem.
The nearly 13-minute 'Aurora Borealis' is a gorgeous celebration of excellent musicianship, and it gives a lot of attention to various instruments - both in combo playing and in soli - in the slightly funky environment. Wow! What a moog solo and drum work! Perhaps the groove continues a bit too long occasionally.
'Starfish' is equally energetic Fusion, loaded with reeds and brass. Full of musical joy that makes you feel happy. The band is just fantastic. All of them. 'The Sea' slows the pace graciously. Nice laid-back groove starring piano, accompanied by the rest of the group in perfect balance. The flute solo... lovely, lovely! The title track starts in a very funky manner and gives the main attention to Tolonen's technical excellence on guitar. This is my least favourite track but still quite interesting as it proceeds.
The relatively brief (3:15) closing track 'Together' is mellow, emotional ballad focusing on piano but containing also nice guitar sounds. I think this album has deserved full rating. In a word, Top Class Fusion in an international scale!

The founder of legendary finish Tasavallan Presidentti and also appear on two Wigwam albums, Jukka Tolonen is one of the most respected and well known guitarist ever came from Finland, and why not from Europe. Under his name he release some more then respectable albums in jazz rock/progressive rock field , one of them is Hysterica from 1975. Hysterica like previous two albums is an acclaimed release both by fans as for crititcs aswell. To me is a very worthy jazz rock album, with a touch of his distinct tone not far from bluesy atmosphere. Some killer musicinship here, is obvious because we have here on bass Pekka Pohjola and on drums Esko Rosnell, while on keyboards appear Esa Kotilainen+ lots of other instrunets, trumpet, trombone, sax. The music is quite challenging with blistering guitar chops and fairly intelligent keyboards, the opening track, the most bluesy of the album , a tribute to Jimi Hendrix, is a worthy one but what is to come is most consistent and intresting, the title track, Hysterica, Tiger or Silva the cat are excellent jazz rock/progressive rock pieces that stands among the best of the genre, really high calibre musicianship and interludes between musicians. An almost essential album bith in his catalogue and in this musical field, definetly woth to be discovered. 4 stars for sure. nice art work.
Bogdan Olariu

It is true that one of Finland's finest ambassador and veteran performer of this genre would merit more attention here. But considering that guitar legend John McLaughlin doesn't fare much better himself... well, I am resisting of jumping to conclusions. It may (or may not?) help if Tolonen's Discography was updated as otherwise excellent and very mature works are yet to be listed. Missing releases at a glance:
1978 Montreux Boogie (Live), 1995 The Last Mohican, 1997 Big Time, 2004 Cool Train (John Coltrane tribute), also this very album coupled with "The Hook" as a 2 for 1 package, representing tremendous value.
"Hysterica" follows in the footsteps of Tolonen's previous album "The Hook", albeit in a slightly more compact form. All instrumental tracks, but with tighter arrangements and perhaps more melodic compositions in comparison. The added bonus is that another Finnish legend, Pekka Pohjola, on bass is also guesting on some tracks. Altogether, this work represents a fine example of great European Jazz-Rock of that era. A surprise is that "Silva the Cat" taken from this album was released as a single, although it has nothing to do with chart-topping aspirations.
Due to a permanent medical condition, Tolonen was compelled to put his guitars away for good, so new works are not likely. The 2 for 1 CD may still be in circulation and well worth tracking down. Chances are that you could be "hooked" on Tolonen as a result.

Finnish guitarist Jukka Tolonen's fourth solo album is a great jazz rock album in the same vein as the three previous. This is fairly simple, well arranged music where the melody lines are more in focus than the solos, although we get to hear quite a lot of Tolonen's distinct and somewhat bluesy guitar, as well as a sax sometimes. Musically it reminds me of Chick Corea's Return to Forever albums but the music is not that sparkling, rather cooking. The musicians are not trying to make the music scream or cry, but rather swing and flow. There's an overall relaxed and unpretentious feeling over it although they play rather fast from time to time, and yet with a typical Scandinavian melancholy trademark.
Four / Five bright shinig stars!
Borje Lund

Jukka Tolonen is not only Finland's national guitar hero but also one of the world's most respected guitarists. For the past 4 decades, he has captivated audiences through Scandinavia and Europe with his powerful and passionate works. He remains of the the most diverse guitarists of today, being equally proficient in a blues, rock, or fusion jazz environment.
Born in Helsinki in 1952, Tolonen first came to center stage in 1969 when a group of young Finnish musicians merged their collective talents to form the widely popular rock/jazz fusion band Tasavallan Presidentti, who were to record four critically acclaimed albums. During this time, Tolonen also recorded two albums with another well know band Wigwam. These recordings would establish Tolonen as a powerfully explosive and technically spectacular guitarist.
However, it would be his soon coming solo recordings that would really turn the music world upon its collective ear. His self titled debut recording, followed by "Summer Games", "The Hook", and "Hysterica" would set new standards for jazz fusion recordings and remain popular world wide even unto today. Highly Recommended!

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