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jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016

New Trolls - Concerto Grosso N° 2 (1976)

Caudal de poesía, melodías y arrebatos de cuerdas, el Mago Alberto nos trae una joya de los New Trolls. Ya Lino nos había dejado el "Concerto Grosso Per I", ahora el Mago nos deja el "Concerto Grosso N° 2" y anuncia la venida de varios discos de éstos tanos que hicieron historia.

Artista: New Trolls
Álbum: Concerto Grosso N° 2
Año: 1976
Género: Rock sinfónico italiano
Duración: 33:42
Nacionalidad: Italia

Lista de Temas:
1. 1° tempo: Vivace
2. 2° tempo: Andante (Most Dear Lady)
3. 3° tempo: Moderato (Fare You Well Dove)
4. Quiet Seas
5. Vent'Anni
6. Bella Come Mai
7. Let It Be Me
8. Le Roi Soleil

- Nico Di Palo / guitar, lead vocals
- Vittorio De Scalzi / guitar
- Ricky Belloni / keyboards
- Giorgio D'Adamo / bass
- Gianni Belleno / drums, vocals

Siguiendo la historia de New Trolls que comenzó con el primer disco ya reseñado y presentado por Lino en su momento, seguimos con su segunda obra, ahora reseñada por el Mago Alberto:

Recuerdo una noche entre trenes, borrachos y putas que iban y venían, que estabamos en una esquina con El Vampiro y hablábamos sobre Meredic Collington y también acordamos subir algo de los New Trolls y acá vamos con el primero de varios.
Por supuesto no es una banda desconocida, pero para los que no la conocen les aviso que esto es para paladares exquisitos, para oídos finos, es la alta alcurnia del progresivo, y este trabajo del año 1976 en pleno auge del progresivo, éstos tanitos se despachaban con este tipo de trabajos, ambiciosos, de alto vuelo musical, y como la marea de ese entonces amontonaba barcos y barcos repletos de proyectos, era muy probable que surgieran bandas de este tipo, por supuesto contemporáneos a Premiata Forneria Marconi supieron darle otro marco a sus proyecciones y producciones musicales y esa pomposidad de las cuerdas les dió un estilo y sonido curiosamente original, que luego repetirían otras bandas del palo.
Este proyecto nos muestra a la banda despegando con su caudal de poesía, melodías y arrebatos de cuerdas, y por supuesto mucho rock progresivo, creo que este derroche de talento y complejidades no era ni mas ni menos los primeros frutos del progresivo, bien producido, con mucho vuelo, con mucho desarrollo artístico, y que situaba a Italia como un poderoso bastión no muy detrás del inglés, que luego daría enormes bandas, hoy mundialmente reconocidas y consagradas. Los New Trolls tienen muy buenos discos, algunos con producciones musicales monumentales y que de a poco irán apareciendo en el blog cabezón.
- Vampiro, me acorde de New Trolls!!!- Bienvenidos. Volvió la pompa y la circunstancia.!!!!
Mago Alberto

Gracias Alberto! pero igual creo que te confundes ¿yo en un lugar con borrachos y putas? no no, debe haber sido otro! ;) pero igual se agradece el aporte, yo y todos los borrachos y putas del blog cabezón!
Aquí, van una serie de comentarios del disco, ahora en inglés... y ésta vez no hablan de putas ni borrachos.

Seems that at this point, NEW TROLLS, as it was prior to UT reunited, and recorded a sequel to "Concerto Grosso Per 1" in 1976. This album, like its predecessor, featured strings from Luis Enriquez Bacalov, incorporating classical in a prog rock context. However, the suite isn't as long, and the music in general tends to be mellower. The rest of the album is a confusing mixture of pop, prog, folk rock and R&B (they even do a cover of "Let It Be Me"). "Vent'Anni" is an interesting one because it sounds like an Italian CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG, singing in Italian, even one of the vocalists went as far as sounding like Stephen STILLS. This album ends up being eclectic at the expense of being consistent. The original "Concerto Grosso Per 1" is definately the better album, but the 1989 CD reissue of Fonit Cetra crams both that album and "Concerto Grosso Nr. 2" on one disc, which means you really get your money's worth (as you actually only pay for a single album's worth of material).
Ben Miler

This was the 1976 attempt by the NEW TROLLS to repeat the success of their 1971 album "Concerto Grosso Per I New Trolls" (sometimes referred to as 'Concerto Grosso No. 1').
While the 'concerto grosso' on the 1971 album has four movements (well, three really: three rock-classical fusion pieces plus a coda that rehashes the second movement's theme in the style of Hendrix), the 'concerto grosso' on "Concerto Grosso No. 2" has three movements, the remaining five tracks on the album not being part of it.
The 1971 album's concerto has a Vivaldi feel to it, whereas this album's concerto has a hint of the Bach or Mozart about it, plus a slight classical Spanish feel in the third movement. As Argentinean composer of movie scores Luis Enriquez Bacalov was again involved, the three movements also have a soundtrack feel about them. Anyway, as with the earlier album, the result is pleasant but not stellar. The orchestra is more integrated with the rock instruments than on the earlier album, and the horns on this album are actually synthesizer (still good, though).
The first movement bobs along nicely in a funky, jazzy sort of fashion. The second movement is a sedate piece introduced by clarinet, with flowery vocals (corny English lyrics, too) and movie score strings wafting in the background; I'm more reminded of Burt Bacharach than Bach (pun intended). The third movement has some nice lute played in a Spanish-like style, giving a slightly medieval feel, and some modern-sounding synthesizer. There is some rather twee singing in English ("fare you well my restless dove", "farewell, farewell little dove" and the like) accompanied by violin. Nevertheless, of the three movements I prefer the third.
The remaining five tracks are a mixed bunch. 'Quiet Seas' reminds me of CAT STEVENS. It's a pleasant enough song, again sung in English, but nothing special. 'Vent'Anni' starts with some nice acoustic guitar or lute. It's a calm, commercial-sounding number in Italian, and I enjoy it. 'Bella Come Mai' is my favourite track on the album. It reminds me a little of 'Tornare a Credere' on the NEW TROLLS ATOMIC SYSTEM s/t album, which has the same Italian 1960s pop feel, the raucous, almost-gospel female backing vocals and the gruff Italian lead vocals (well, the vocals on 'Tornare a Credare' are not so gruff). The twangy guitar and slow, groovy beat are the business and I like the retro feel of the music. 'Let It Be Me' by Curtis, Delanoe & Becaud, sung in falsetto, is an incongruous track on this album, having been sung by ELVIS PRESLEY, THE EVERLY BROTHERS, BOB DYLAN, NINA SIMONE, JACKSON BROWNE and many others. 'Le Roi Soleil', sung in English, is an enjoyable, upbeat poppy number with a nod to classical music, and strongly reminds me of 10CC.
As with the 1971 album, this is easy to listen to in the foreground or background. The music is more accessible than on the 1971 album. The album is not bad if you have an eclectic taste in music and enjoy the type of pop played in the 1960s and early 1970s. From a Progressive Rock perspective this album is less interesting than the 1971 album. It would probably be more of interest to those who lived through those years and have a certain nostalgia for the sounds of the time. I wouldn't rush out to buy it, though. I'll settle for 3 stars (Good, but not essential).
If you don't already have the 1971 album "Concerto Grosso Per I New Trolls" then you could buy the CD of the same name issued by the Warner Fonit record company (CD no. 3984 26602-2) which has both albums on it for the price of one.
Jim Fitzcarraldo

In 1976 "old friends/enemies" Nico di Palo and Vittorio de Scalzi were back together for the recording of what was thought to be the prosecution of their best release "Concerto Grosso" (1971).
Did the reach the goal? This is the frequent question of many people. Sadly that magical moments of the so called "Concerto Grosso n. 1" (the correct title is Concerto Grosso per I New Trolls i.e. Concerto Grosso for New Trolls) were impossible to re-produce! History repeats, sometimes.not then yet!.what a pity!
By the way it would be tough thing to dislikes Concerto Grosso n. 2. Honestly I have to say that the first three tracks almost catch that previous GRANDEUR. In fact "1° Tempo: Vivace" is another one from the well known "wand" of Luis Enriquez Bachalov, a strong song in that beautiful baroque vein plus an enjoyable synth' new sound.no doubt it's a very good opener! One of the best tracks of the album, alternating strong bass and electric guitar runs with more gentle and delicate 18th century's atmosphere. And that unexpected synth' sound is the icing on the cake.
The album follows very well with the more introvert sounding of "2° Tempo: Andante" also referred as "Most Dear Lady". Dreamy strings in a perfect opposition with the previous one. Warm and mellow vocals for the most pure and relaxing classical sound of the album.
With "3° Tempo: Moderato" (also titled Fare You Well Dove) my excitement increased! Simply superb those alternating classical guitar, harp and violin! Even better than the first track!! This is what I like most in New Trolls!
.and then.what's up?.there are four pop tunes..completely different from the previous temper of the album! .yeah it is the same album.just doubting for a while! By the way, Quiet Seas, Vent'Anni, Bella Come Mai and Let it Be Me aren't bad at all! I like them, expecially for the classical guitar intro of Vent'Anni though I hate its Italian lyrics which are about the sad remembrance of the old good times when they played rock' n' roll.what the hell! That was what I was waiting for (at least)!!
At this point I was quite half-disappointed with Concerto Grosso n. 2 when. suddenly a crack of light: "Le Roi Soleil" (alternating French and English vocals)!!!! Simply a SUPERB, strong and super-exciting track!!! The best of the album, I'm sure! Somehow with some evident Queen references (A Night At the Opera, mainly). excellent!
Conclusion: it is not a masterpiece, obviously.but, despite those four (good) popish tunes, many pleasing surprises, haunting arrangements and good vocals: 3,5 is my rating. Recommendable!
Andrea Cortese

After their first split up and the separate experiences of the members with Ibis and New Trolls Atomic System, in 1976 New Trolls reunited and tried to repeat the success of "Concerto Grosso per i New Trolls".

Luis Enrique Bacalov composed the music of the first three tracks of this album and the band interpreted them interacting perfectly with an orchestra . Perhaps you can't find here the originality of the album released in 1971 (on the third movement every now and then there are slightly reminiscences of Mike Oldfield's Tubolar Bells.) but the pieces are well structured and well performed. On the second and third movement there are some remarkable harmony vocals and the romantic lyrics are sung in English . "She's many miles away from me / She's wasting nights away from me / But every sing and every tear and every lie and every fear / Are always calling back my love keeping back my love". An amazing example of contamination between classical music and progressive rock.
It's a pity that the other tracks of the album seem to go in another musical direction. Just some nice pop songs (the dreamy "Quiet Seas", sung in English, and "Bella come mai"), some West Coast echoes ("Vent'anni" reminds me slightly of CSN&Y, with amazing harmony vocals built up around a remarkable acoustic guitar work, while "Let It Be Me" is the same song made famous by the Everly Brothers.) and some vocal experiments ("Le Roi Soleil" where the words of the bleak nonsense lyrics are nothing more than sounds while the music reminds slightly of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody".)
In the whole an album heterogeneous and not always completely convincing, but with some great moments.
Andrea Parentin

Upon reforming The New Trolls, the group probably made a mistake in wanting to repeat/rehash one of their better works of their first period. First, it was over three years after their previous line-up and the line-up was not very different, Salvi's on keyboards absence is dearly paid.
Musically, the album's title track sounds a bit like the precursor of Rondo Veniziano's 80's kitschy eeeeehhmmm!!!!.. "violin" works and at the same time the worthy successor to their first Concerto Grosso of 71. Although there are moments in the 13 minutes that are superb, there is plenty of cheesy fondue for all of Italy. Filled with Vivaldi and Bach reminiscences this "opus" is again directed by Enriquez and the results are not that far off the first Concerto Grosso. The singing is a bit of a cross between Vanilla Fudge and Queen (especially in the second movement, they sound like Freddy Mercury At The Night Of The Proms), but overall the second version comes close to its predecessor but no cigar. The rest of the album is not quite up to the symphonic caliber, but holds some charms as in Quiet Seas might just sound from a Cart Stevens or Springsteen album.
The flipside starts with a CSN&Y impersonation (20 Years) mostly due to the pitch perfect vocals, and the next Bella Come Mai where the arrangements behind the kitsch girl-group-like vocals (almost waiting for those doowop behind it) are quite good and worthy of some of the masters in the genre. However the weird, awful and out-of- context Let It Be Me (an Everly Bro cover) is an awful track that ruins the album's continuity just when the following Le Roi Soleil (whose Queen-esque vocals can remind of a rhapsody from Bohemia meeting 10 CC's taste for pastiche), might just be the album's proggiest track even if it is rather unrepresentative of Italian-style prog. My version of the album (a Japanese release under catalogue # KICP 2153) contains a ninth track called Vento O Cent'Anni that is probably the best track of this album, starting out on a hard rocking guitar alternating with an acoustic and strong vocals, soon joined by a great flute >> absolutely enjoyable and a glimpse of Di Palo's hard guitar past.
While hardly undeserving CG#2 is not a bad album per se (no real weak tracks outside the cover), but the many different passages always reminding of some other group. I suggest you try to find the Japanese version of this album for the great added bonus track
Sean Trane

The second one!!
After having read a magnific Kotro`s review of Concerto Grosso per 1 e 2, i decided to do the same, obviously with my words and own style, and also i will review this album first and not the No.1 though i believe i should review it first.
Five, yes 5 years after the release of their best and probably most beloved album "Concerto Grosso per 1" they wanted or at least tried to repeat the success that the first one had, but despite i really love this album, i think the first one is much better, by far, so the attempt failed sadly, but again, that does not mean that this is a bad album, not at all!!
While the first one features 5 songs, this time they included 3 more songs in this album, with a different flavour and orientation, but anyway, very "Newtrollesque", again they had the magnific collaboration of Luis Enriquez Bacalov, he made the first 3 compositions on this album and i believe it is very noticeable, it is not good to compare, but maybe is a general disease when some movie or album has second parts, we always use to compare if the second is better, worse, if it reached the goal or not, if its alike or not, so the comparations are endless, returning to the point, as i said above Bacalov puts his talent here again and delight us with the first 3 compositions of this album, which are 1° tempo: Vivace,2° tempo: Andante (Most Dear Lady) and 3° tempo: Moderato - (Fare You Well Dove) , the first one is actually reminiscent to Concerto Grosso per 1, it has almost 5 minutes of strings, orchestra and magnific sound, something exquisite, the second one is shorter with a more delicate sound, a beautiful song actually with wind instruments and soft strings, here the vocals appear for the very first time in the album with English lyrics and chorus, very nice song with great guitar solos at the end, and the third movement is probably my favorite of these movements, excellent performance, superb guitar playing, great synth soundscapes which let you know that his band has a terrific composition level, this is one of the best songs of the entire album actually, so please pay an special attention to this, i am sure you will love it, the violin playing is also magnific.
"Quiet Seas" is a ballad and it marks a notable change in the album`s direction, which is not what we expected but anyway it is not that bad after all, i had the luck of attending to a New trolls concert some months ago and it had its highs and lows, some outstanding prog moments like the first songs of this album, and then pop and maybe boring songs like these. "Vent`Anni" is alike to the previous one, a soft ballad but this time more guitar oriented, harmony vocals and a peaceful ambient. "Bella Come Mai" continues with the same direction, i would like to point out that these songs are not bad but quite different to the first ones and you may probably hate them because of that, it has some vocals a-la Queen and a nice rythm guitar. "Let it be me" is probably the poppiest of them all, i remember this song in their concert here in Mèxico, my friends and i were not that happy while the band and part of the audience was really excited.
But i have great news, the last song of this album is simply superb, actually my personal all time favorite New Trolls song so please check it, "Le Roi Solei" backs to the proggiest side of the band without returning to the classical notes, it is a 5-minute song which starts with an increasing and powerful sound, totally crazy guitars and keyboard playing making a superb composition, then here we have harmony vocals as well, but they are great there is a moment of this song when it simply caught all my ears and attention and i can only say, wow! I was really lucky to see this in that concert in Mexico, it was a great performance of this great song.
So we may divide this album in 2, like if it were Concerto Grosso per 2.1 and per 2.2, that is not really good i would like to have here a one-direction album, but anyway the prog songs here are magnific and the pop ones not bad, though it i definitely not at the level of per 1.
3.5/5 stars, what should i do, 3 or 4 stars?? Well, hope you enjoy it!
Guillermo H. Urdapilleta

Work released in 1976 "Concerto Grosso N.2". Work that became starting point of group that forms again. The idea is the same as NO.1. However, the synthesizer not used by the former work is active. Work that is interesting content. It is a progressive pop album. Four stars.Excellent addition to any prog music collection.

This is a "must" for those who love italian 70's prog music, even though masterpieces of Banco Mutuo Soccorso and Le Orme are no doubt superior. In any case, even for other countries prog rock aestimators, it is a very good reprentation, considering in addition the very special environment and performance of the event. Le roi soleil is absolutely fantastic.
Antonio Nicola

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Este espacio se reserva el derecho de publicar sobre cualquier tema que parezca interesante a su staff, no solamente referidos a la cuestión musical sino también a lo político y social.
Si no estás de acuerdo con lo expresado podrás dejar tu comentario siempre que no sea ofensivo, discriminador o violento...

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