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viernes, 8 de abril de 2016

Sunrise Auranaut - The First Cosmic (2015)

Un disco que nos compartió uno de nuestros tantos amigos, no se dejen guiar por su tapa horrenda, este es un progresivo de calidad, básicamente alegre, emotivo, intenso y melodioso. Proyecto del multi-instrumentista ruso Vitaly Kiselev. Empezamos un viernes con sorpresas en una semana llena de sorpresas, bueno, como siempre, ya va siendo habitual.

Artista: Sunrise Auranaut
Álbum: The First Cosmic
Año: 2015
Género: Crossover Prog / Space rock
Duración: 60:40
Nacionalidad: Rusia

Lista de Temas:
1. Amazing Universe
2. Incarnation Calls
3. Lost In Deep Space
4. The Cycle Of Desires
5. We Will Meet At The Spaceport
6. Pristine Planet
7. Nonstop
8. Gravity
9. Atmosphere And Vacuum
10. The Threshold
11. The Wisdom Of Mother Earth

- Vitaly Kiselev / synths, guitars, bass, drum programming

El disco tienen muchísima musicalidad, frescura, agilidad, dinamismo, alegría, siendo su único punto flojo la producción, se nota en la tapa pero sobretodo referido a los niveles altísimos, exageradamente altos de ganancia, ello disminuye mucho la calidad final que carece de rango dinámico, pero les aseguro que el disco está realmente entretenido.
Esta música, cercana al space rock, con algo de Mike Oldfield o Eloy, es realmente original y es todo un viaje que te lleva en un recorrido de la mente hacia universos inexplorados e ingenuos de pompas de jabón, como tan mal se lo trata de definir en el portada del disco. Así que pueden sentarse en un momento de tranquilidad, a final del dia, a disfrutar por los múltiples viajes que proponen los sonidos de Vitaly Kiselev. Y déjense llevar que realmente la van a pasar de maravillas.
El multi-instrumentista ruso Vitaly Kiselev te lleva de la mano, en éste que es su tercer álbum, en un viaje a través del espacio o del tiempo, conformado por una mezcla instrumental del space rock de los años 70s y elementos más actuales.
Los temas son instrumentales, soñadores, el disco está hecho con las mejores intenciones y Kiselev estará sin duda muy orgulloso con su música y su disco, realizado de manera muy casera y con varios defectos en su producción pero que no deja de ser una fuente de ideas. Escuchen la música del video y vean si les gusta, porque pueden pasar muy gratos momentos con éste disco.
Vamos, si les parece, con algunos comentarios en inglés (casi no hay comentarios de éste disco, en ningún idioma)...

Two years ago, Russian multi-instrumentalist Vitaly Kiselev, under the alias Sunrise Auranaut, released his second album `Way of the King', a humble little do-it-yourself instrumental symphonic prog work with cheerful cover artwork that showed an emerging artist growing in confidence and finding his feet. 2015 has the artist stepping up for his third album `The First Cosmic, an hour long journey overloaded with enough endless ideas and great playing to fill numerous albums! This is proudly symphonic-styled prog in the regal manner of modern groups like Karfagen, Trion or Willowglass, with `Snow Goose'-era Camel, perhaps Rick Wakeman's solo works, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and a hint of Jethro Tull thrown in for good measure, but also given a frequently spacey spin! Deep space keyboard atmospheres and pastoral acoustics make for an interesting mix in this vibrant album, and it's Vitaly's strongest work to date.
Just pay attention to the 10 minute opener `Amazing Universe' - it sets an early template with so many glorious memorable themes and includes everything from cascading church organ, whirring Moog, marching drum pomp, murky electric guitar grunt, harpsichord-like glistenings and flighty acoustic guitar runs, the piece effortlessly gliding between the multiple instruments and passages with a great sense of flow and purpose. The heroic, infectious `Incarnation Calls' and joyfully groovy `Non-Stop' are delirious and up-tempo, `Atmosphere and Vacuum' floats with a gentle hint of eeriness and dangerous outbursts, and the balance of acoustic guitar loveliness and romantic keyboards of `Pristine Planet' bring favourable memories of Camel. `We Will Meet at the Spaceport' mixes in the drifting deep space of Sensations' Fix with organ-driven classic era Genesis majesty, subtle electronic loops and cinematic-flavoured synth flair rises victoriously in `Threshold', and the drowsy acoustic strums and reaching Floydian guitar strains over icy synths of `Lost in Deep Space' remind of Seventies group Pulsar in a few spots.
An hour that contains eleven tracks is definitely too much here (perhaps the old LP length of about 45-50 minutes would be more ideal?), and Vitaly shouldn't always feel the need to overload each piece with multiple direction and style changes, but there's no denying the constant inspiration and growing confidence on display. It truly sees the artist edging closer to the quality of modern symphonic progressive albums like Trion's `Funfair Fantasy', Willowglass' `The Dream Harbour' and Karfagen's `Lost Symphony', not to mention the earlier works of Glass Hammer, and perhaps were it to have been released by one of those more established names it would already be receiving more positive attention. But in a year that hasn't had an abundance of symphonic releases, the well-executed and energetic `The First Cosmic' is definitely one of the highlights, and Vitaly Kiselev should be very proud of what he has achieved here.
Four / five stars - Symphonic fans and keyboard freaks, be sure to look into this colourful album!
Michael H.

Sunrise Auranaut is a studio project by Russian multi-instrumentalist Vitaly Kiselev. Kiselev doesn't only write the music, but he also recorded, mixed and produced the album. He also made the artwork for the albums, so you can better call him a multi-talent and not just a multi-instrumentalist!
The First Cosmic is Kiselev's third studio album. The album is completely instrumental. The music really reminds me of 70s prog and space rock, like Mike Oldfield and Eloy. Some keyboard parts remind me of Emerson, Lake and Palmer as well.
I will cut straight to the point; I have mixed feelings about the album. I had no idea that the bass and drums are digital recordings, which is a big plus. If you listen more carefully you can hear that the bass and drums are 'not real'. Sadly the bass and drums don't have much variation in sound during the whole album, while the guitars and keyboards do. The guitar sounds he uses remind me of the guitar sounds Mike Oldfield uses on his earlier albums. The music is lovely but sometimes loses my attention and I have the feeling that Kiselev has more to offer. The mix and production are good but could have been better. He wants to accomplish it all on his own but he cannot quite live up to it during some moments in the music. I don't mean it in a bad way, but what would it sound like if he had (guest) musicians, playing the bass guitar and drums, and someone who did (or help with) the recording/mixing/producing? The album begins very promising with the track Amazing Universe. It starts with distorted guitar and a haunting classic organ sound, and later it turns out to be a good track that has the early 70's prog feel. The second track, Incarnation Calls, is a nice up tempo track. Lost In Deep Space brings back the mellowness during the album, while The Cycles Of Desires is pretty rough again. We Will Meet At The Spaceport is quite trippy but cool. Pristine Planet is a nice track starting with an acoustic guitar and later makes you float around the stars and planets. Nonstop is actually a pretty groovy track, becomes more rock-ish halfway and then becomes groovy again. The track Gravity has a very cool intro with a rocking guitar sound, but later it turns into a softer track, while I actually hoped that the rocking guitar would stay during the whole song. The track Atmosphere And Vacuum is a good track, and has a nice haunting surprise halfway. Some weird haunting industrial machine-like sound breaks up the song and then it becomes another track. At the end of the song there's another weird noise again and the track ends with the same music the song starts with. The track The Threshold is very spacy. The last track, The Wisdom Of Mother Earth, is my favourite track of the album. The Mike Oldfield guitar sound is so lovely and the organs quite catchy. This is also a track that shows he is capable of doing more than what most of the album has offered.
The album is just over an hour long, and it's a bit too long for me. I don't say it's a bad album, absolutely not, but I really have the feeling that it can be much more than it is now. I'm actually looking forward when Kiselev would release a new album. And I have to say “Keep up the good work, multi-talent Vitaly! I take my hat off to you sir!”
Iris Hidding

The third instrumental prog-rock album of the Russian multi-instrumentalist Vitaly Kiselev released by FREIA Music label (Netherlands) in June 2015, is 11 songs (for a total of about an hour) in the Symphonic/Space Prog and Prog Metal genres. The entire album was composed, recorded and performed by Vitaly (including the cover design). Used instruments: electric and acoustic guitar, synthesizer, bass and drums - software. "The First Cosmic" very archaic instrumental for "Parking", sound and energy (which resulted in quite contrasting attitude of professional critics). The album does not have the obsessive desire of contemporary musicians to sound perfection, academicism and flawless execution technicality. Here the emphasis is on beautiful melodies and the originality of creative expression. "The First Cosmic" is written entirely in the space theme is created for people who love music and the atmosphere of the 70s (particularly progressive and Space rock). From well-known musicians of the era, the music album of the closest, perhaps, is related to Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, Eloy, Hawkwind, Rick Wakeman, Genesis.

Espero que les guste, si quieren más, pueden venir a chusmear acá si se las arreglan con el cirílico.


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