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martes, 29 de diciembre de 2015

Irakere - Cuba Libre (2010)

Latin Jazz desde Cuba hacia el mundo, de mano de los maravillosos Irakere. Sandy les quiere dejar varias cositas para que disfruten el comienzo de éste 2016.

Artista: Irakere
Álbum: Cuba Libre
Año: 2010
Género: Latin Jazz
Duración: 34:42
Nacionalidad: Cuba

Lista de Temas:
1. Cuba Libre
2. Sea Mail
3. Encuentro
4. Que Pasa?
5. Gospelanza
6. Cuba Libre (Reprise)

- Carlos Puerto / Bass
– Enrique Plá / Drums
– Carlos Emilio Morales / Guitar
– Chucho Valdés / Keyboards
– Jorge Alfonso / Percussion
- Oscar Valdés / Percussion
– German Velazco Vrdeliz / Saxophone Alto
– Carlos Averhoff / Saxophone Tenor
– Arturo Sandoval / Trumpet
- Jorge Varona / Trumpet

Como siempre están pidiendo, acá traigo más Irakere para el que guste, ahora con un registro en vivo grabado en Japón en 1980.

Reeditado por primera vez fuera de Japón en 2010, el disco Cuba Libre, del grupo cubano Irakere, ha sido elogiado como una gema del jazz latino y como “cuarenta y cinco minutos vitales en la historia de la música cubana”. Compuesto, arreglado y producido en 1980, por el músico japonés Ueda Chikara, su recuperación para el mercado internacional fue celebrada no únicamente por la excelencia de su ejecución (en una obra prácticamente desconocida dentro de la discografía del jazz) sino también por la “increíble calidad de las grabaciones japonesas de la época” cuando todo lo que venía de Japón era un reconocimiento tácito de calidad. (Algo que, como ya he comentado en otras ocasiones fue consustancial con la concreción de imaginario de Japón como emporio tecnológico y que formó parte del inverso extrañamiento “orientalista” con que se asumió el despliegue económico japonés como modelo de futuro).
Cuba Libre fue grabado en Sound Inn Studio y en Victor Studio (ambos de Tokio) y mezclado en este último. Al parecer, la misma sesión de grabaciones sirvió para producir otro disco: El Coco, que entraría en el mercado internacional dos años después. Probablemente el primer vínculo de Irakere con las ediciones niponas fuera la placa Chékere son, grabada en 1979 enlos estudios EGREM de La Habana, pero mezclada en el Victor Studio, de Tokio, en ese mismo año (también el de su lanzamiento mundial en Japón). Ilustro el post con la contraportada del Cuba Libre de 2010, donde aparecen los créditos de la grabación de 1980 y con las únicas dos piezas del disco a la mano: “Encuentro” y “¿Qué pasa?”. (La portada del disco, que se muestra en los videos, está ilustrada con la obra “Tres Lindas Cubanas” del afamado pintor cubano, Servando Cabrera Moreno). Añado también una actuación en vivo de Irakere en tierras niponas, en 1993.
Emilio García Montiel

Como siempre, vamos con algunos comentarios en inglés...

Recorded at a time when Japan was in the midst of an intense love affair with all things jazz-funk, this long lost album by Cuban band Irakere (which was recorded in Japan in 1980) has been lovingly brought back into stock by the diggers supreme at Far Out Records.
Having formed in Cuba in 1973, Irakere brought their fusion of jazz and Afro-Cuban funk to these recordings, which were put together by Japanese bandleader Chikara Ueda (notable for having been sampled by Phoenix on “If I Ever Feel Better”). The recordings certainly bear a distinctive Japanese quality to the production (sounding similar to Sadao Watanabe’s 80′s output), but Irakere’s funk certainly punches through as well. Opener “Cuba Libre” sounds like an out-take from Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly sessions complete with some tight Latin percussion, while “Sea Mail” is looser and blessed with some inspired alto-sax solo’s.
The calm and sanguine “Que Pasa?” really shows off the clarity and perfection of the recording techniques, with every rim shot and guitar pluck picked up perfectly and clearly – rarely has this style of music been recorded in such a meticulous way. “Gospelanza” is another real highlight, as two separate pianos panned left and right duel with each other before the brass takes over and does the same. It’s a magic moment on an album full of unexpected delights – a very worthwhile reissue indeed.
Oliver Keens

It's with great pleasure that Far Out Recordings can re-issue this extremely rare, cult record from one of the finest bands to emerge from Cuba. Stepping out of Brazil Joe Davis has been digging through the dustiest crates to re-discover one of the very best Latin American records. Recorded in Japan in 1980 and released as a Japanese exclusive vinyl LP 'Cuba Libre' was composed, arranged and produced by the remarkable Japanese musician Chikara Ueda. With almost the entire original line up in place including Chucho Valdes, Arturo Sandoval, and Jorge Alfonso this is a record of sublime quality that retains all of the authentic essence and beauty of Cuban music. Among the most influential Latin bands Irakere's mix of fiery funk anthems and sophisticated jazz has rarely sounded better than on these six classic tracks.
"Irakere has always been among my favourite bands and one of the best to come out of Cuba. It's extremely exciting to be able to re-issue one of their finest works, which ranks alongside their classic LPs of the '70s and '80s. Chikara Ueda is an amazing arranger, producer and I have many of his works. I was always taken aback by the excellence of his arrangement and the range of work he has been involved with. With this in mind it is no surprise that he can take on the almighty Irakere and produce a record of sublime quality whilst keeping all the authentic essence and beauty of the Cuban sound.
Irakere was extremely important to the rise of Cuban music. Prior to the explosion of Buena Vista Social Club they were the leading and best loved Cuban band on the international stage, releasing classic LPs including the Latin Grammy winners of '79 and '80 (the same year 'Cuba Libre' was recorded) 'Irakere' and 'Irakere II' to great acclaim. The band has a cult following around the world obsessed with the genius musicianship and song-writing of these Cuban legends. Chucho Valdes is regarded as the greatest jazz pianist in Cuba and Arturo Sandoval is arguably the most prodigious trumpeter of his generation, both going on to great individual fame in the United States. The only change from the early recordings sees Paquito D' Rivera replaced by the brilliant German Velazco Vrdeliz on sax, with many of the best Cuban musicians of the period remaining to deliver stunning performances for this fascinating session. The trumpets of Sandoval and Jorge Varona complement each other perfectly while Conguero maestro Jorge "El Nino" Alfonso is simply impeccable on percussion.
A more fiery and sophisticated sound than you might expect from a Cuban band the live shows I attended in New York and London towards the end of the '80s were among the best I have ever seen. To be able to re-issue an album that has long been out of print, never before released outside of Japan, and with an almost entirely prevailing original line-up is something else. It's especially significant and appropriate for this record to be the label's first Cuban release with it being their closest work to Brazilian and Far Out recording legends Azymuth's Latin jazz sound. With stunning re-mastering and music of glorious quality 'Cuba Libre' is an essential re-issue of one of Latin music's finest moments." Joe Davis, 2010
Irakere was born in Havana in 1973 as a means of self-expression for some extraordinary young musicians. By combining the power of the Cuban rhythms in their blood with the free-flowing expression of the American jazz they loved, they created a force that changed the course of Cuban popular music.
Never before released on CD, this is the first ever release outside of Japan for 'Cuba Libre' and with stunning re-mastering and music of glorious quality this is an essential re-issue of one of Latin music's holy grail collector's items - a vital piece of Cuban music history.

Que lo disfruten!

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    Jorge de Mendoza.

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