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lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2015

Akashic - Timeless Realm (2001)

Más Akashic en esta ola de resubidas de discos brasileros. Sandy se viste de Papá Noel y les regala pila de discos. Al menos, viene de la nieve (de Ucrania).

Artista: Akashic
Álbum: Timeless Realm
Año: 2001
Género: Metal progresivo sinfónico
Duración: 62:17
Nacionalidad: Brasil

Lista de Temas:
1. Heaven's Call
2. For Freedom
3. Voices And Signs
4. Who Am I?
5. The Fire Of Temptation
6. Dove
7. Memories
8. Salvation
9. Gates Of Firmament
10. Veiled Secrets


- Rafael Gubert / vocals
- Fabio Alves / bass
- Éder Bergozza / keyboards
- Marcos De Ros / guitars
- Mauricio Meinert / drums

Y otra vez venimos con metal progresivo brasilero, muy melódico y cantando en inglés. Ya sabenq ue no me gusta mucho este estilo, que no me gusta las canciones cantadas en inglés cuando el disco salió de acá cerquita nomás, y que no me gusta que su sonido sea impersonalmente universal, pero les recomiendo que igualmente le den una escuchada porque el disco está bueno, no una maravilla, pero está bueno y tiene sus lindos momentos, sobretodo llevado por un vocalista con mucha pasta y desgarrada y potente voz.

A discografia básica dessa semana vai ser de uma banda do Rio Grande do Sul, da cidade de Caxias do Sul, infelizmente para nós, essa grande banda não existe mais, estou falando da AKASHIC. Que fazia um Prog Metal de altíssimo nível. A banda surgiu em Caxias do Sul, no ano de 1998, e tinha em sua formação, as feras Rafael Gubert (vocal), Marcos De Ros (guitarra), Fábio Alves (baixo), Éder Bergozza (teclados) e Mauricio Meinert (bateria), músicos muito talentosos e conhecidos no Brasil inteiro. Quem não conhece o grande guitarrista Marcos De Ros e o nosso velho conhecido aqui no blog, o vocalista Rafael Gubert? Músicos que beiram a perfeição. Outro dia bati um papo muito legal com Rafa Gubert aqui em Caxias, falamos da banda, da possibilidade de uma volta, foi muito legal a conversa com essa fera.
Mas vamos ao álbum, escolhi o primeiro álbum da banda, o fantástico “Timeless Realm” lançado no ano de 2000. O “show” começa com “Heaven´s Call”, com destaques para a guitarra de Marcos De Ros e a incrível voz de Rafa Gubert, baita música, perfeita. A próxima é uma das minhas favoritas da banda, e de muitos fãs, “For Freedom”, como sempre destaque para a guitarra e dessa vez os teclados dão um show a parte. “Visions And Signs” e “Who Am I?”, são as próximas, continua no mesmo nível das primeiras. O metal rápido está em “The Fire of Temptation”, Rafa Gubert destruindo no vocal e uma cozinha perfeita. A parte linda do álbum vem a seguir, com a aquela musica que mexe com todos, “Dove”, perfeita! “Memories” inicia linda com o teclado de Éder e a linda voz de Rafa e logo começa o peso, muito peso, com mais um show de Marcos na guitarra, essa é uma das melhores musicas da banda. Depois vem “Salvation” e “Gates Of Firmament”. E infelizmente, encerra o álbum com “Veiled Secrets”, porque infelizmente? Porque ficamos com aquele gosto de quero mais. Um álbum fantástico, de uma banda fantástica, que infelizmente encerrou suas atividades. Só nos resta a torcer, para quem sabe, num futuro próximo, a banda volte e nos proporcionar maravilhas como esse álbum chamado “Timeless Realm”.
Geraldo Andrade

Un disco interesante para comenzar el día... el primer álbum de estos brazucas, después les traigo el otro si les gusta, que en definitiva son dos buenos discos de metal progresivo.

Very fine prog metal band from Brazil, founded by the virtuoso guitar player Marcos De Ros (who has some instrumental solo albums released under his own name). The main reference is Symphony X, specially for the vocals who bears a curious similairity to Russel Allen´s . But don´t worry, they have their very own sound. Fortunatly De Ros is NOT one of those musicians who wants to steel the show all the time. This is really a team efford and Í was glad to find that all the band members are equally skillful and able to give everyone room to shine. But really the star of the show is De ros, with his tasteful, creative guitar breaks and solos. He never overplays, which is a rare quality in a man with so much technique.
I was quite surprised at the time by the production, which is very good even for today´s standards. The tracklist is smooth, the music powerful and the songs have some intesresting variations. If you´re into this style of music give it a try. You won´t be disappointed.
Tarcisio Moura

These Brazilians really kicked my a..!Just imagine the lyricism and melody of DREAM THEATER with the ''angry'' vocals and the musical power of SYMPHONY X and you have exactly what ''Timeless Realm'' is all about.Nice passages,catchy songs and really technical acrobatics complete the whole story of the debut of AKASHIC.Great!Worth its money...

A must have for brazilian progressive rock fans. The review from Tarcisio Moura is an excellent opinion on this album! Prog metal, with influences from Dream Theater, Symphony X and maybe Savatage last albums and Circle II Circle. Most lyrics are about religion, more specifically about God and his mighty omnipresence. Anyway this is not a Christian rock or metal band! Nice quality lyrics influenced by faith, but not pushing us to religion and doctrines. The songs themes are not boring and the track list is very well crafted, it is impossible to turn off once you listen to the first track. The album will never let you tired. At last, it is not easy to find nowadays, one may look at brazilian HELLION catalogue for it. i will give it 4 stars, but prog metal fans may rank it with 5!.
José Eduardo Martinelli

These album is simply wonderfull. The first think that comes in mind is the voice of the singer. Something between Tom Englund from Evergrey (for ex: for freedom) and Russell Allen From Symphony X (for ex: Dove). A mature voice with emotional vibes. Their first album but already a big first step to a prog metal carrier. THe entire album from the first minute to the last one sounds "akashic". The band takes influences from different bands but use them to create their own personnal compositions with their own sound. And it's a damn sound! I think I never have had this impression of maturity of any band about their first album. About the the other musicians, the guitarist do his job. Very good player, not too much notes just the right touch (listen to the intro of Who I am). The drummer is also convenient but I think he could have a better place. More free drum parts would give more interesting prog influences. The drum sound is also a bit too "cavernous" and "drumkit". with just a few louder sound the songs would be more powerfull and intense. But it's only my opinion. Anyway the band is one of the most interesting prog metal band I've heard for months. I recommand them for fans of Evergrey, Symphony x (for the singer's voice), Without Warning, maybe Without Ending or Wastefall.

Another review of another mediocre metal band, this time slotting with disappointing ease into the established softer side of modern progressive metal. The debut from Brazil's Akashic sounds similar to many other bands playing this melodic strand of prog, which is based more on traditional song structures and instrumentation with only a little in the way of extended solo sections and a couple of jarring time shifts to demonstrate its progressive credentials, and ultimately ends up sounding like a combination of a bland Threshold, a sub-par Symphony X and a poor man's Shadow Gallery, the latter of which is really saying something.
Despite the band's origins in the technically-oriented 'solo' band of guitarist Marcos De Ros, the fret theatrics are toned down considerably for this more mainstream release, based primarily in fairly simple, chugging riffs reminiscent of Symphony X, eventually complimented by brief, neo-classical solos reminiscent of Symphony X. Drummer Mauricio Meinert doesn't particularly stand out at the back, in contrast to the arguable over-reliance on Éder Bergozza's keyboards as a lead instrument, featuring almost as prominently as the guitars despite mainly focusing on slightly annoying twinkly melodies and, on occasion, some seriously sub-Symphony X solos. Singer Rafael Gubert carries out most of his performance in a melodic, almost poppy manner similar to Threshold in the less prestigious era under Mac, but occasionally veers into metal territory with a slightly angrier snarl that chiefly brings to mind Russell Allen of a band whose name you can probably guess. It has an X in it. Last but surprisingly not least is Fábio Elves, whose bass guitar work has been toned down a little from his tenure in De Ros but who still gets a couple of nice lead moments in the last couple of tracks, almost as if he wanted to snag a mention in my review. Well done.
Gubert's voice isn't a bad aspect of the album, and in fact fits in very well with the melodic direction, but it's the stale sound itself that I have the real gripes with; the instruments are merely competent for the most part, and it feels like every song is stretched far beyond its natural end point into over-repetition and, less commonly, unnecessary attempts to prove the band's proginess that don't really convince. Only a few songs come in short of five minutes, and these tend to be the better ones, though the epic centrepiece 'Memories,' despite only really being epic in terms of length, manages to encourage a more thoughtful and interesting performance from all concerned in this otherwise inoffensively bland release. With so many superior prog metal albums out there following this same commercial direction (as opposed to bands pursuing a more interesting, avant-garde direction or just those interested in replicating the showmanship of Dream Theater), this album can only end up seeming a little pointless, with its obvious ballads and slightly dodgy lyrics. Still, there's only so many times you can listen to Threshold's sci-fi stories, and it does have a pleasant front cover doesn't it?
There are a couple of different styles present on this album, neither of which will come as a surprise to anyone with preconceptions of a soft prog metal album, or indeed any rock album in general. Nothing's too fast to cross over into the prog-power style of fellow Brazilians Angra, and the progressive influence never takes over to the point of inaccessibility or songs that take a while to grow on you. That said, it will probably take several listens to fully appreciate this album simply because it tends to wash over the listener in its repetition, but those repeated listens are better spent elsewhere. Most of these songs are based in simple power chords and hard riffs to make them sufficiently 'metal,' though there's nothing too heavy here, and every so often a piano ballad comes along to spoil things, most notably the weak point of the album in 'Dove.'
Fitting to their spirit of obviousness and predictability, each song's direction can be correctly deduced simply by reading the title: the more fantasy- and mythology-based 'Voices and Signs,' 'The Fire of Temptation' and 'Gates of Firmament' sound like Symphony X off-cuts and are suitably the slightly heavier, shorter, more energetic and consequently best offerings. 'For Freedom' and 'Who Am I?' are softer and keyboard-led, with peacefully plucking guitars and heroic, anthemic choruses, acceptably catchy in a breezy sort of way but overdosing on the keys, while the aforementioned 'Dove' and 'Veiled Secrets' take this one step further into more traditional and tedious ballads. The odd-ones-out are opener 'Heaven's Call' and 'Memories,' which squeeze in some tempo changes and further solo spots in an attempt to improve the album's prog credibility, and thankfully both are pretty good, if negatively affected by the additional length required. The problem with these more experimental sections are that they present an otherwise non-existent barrier to the album's acceptance as radio-friendly rock, which it was never really going to be anyway, though it would at least have been effective as generic background music.
Akashic is a rather disappointing direction for the skilled musicians formerly of De Ros, and grateful as I am that they spared the world another Dream Theater clone, they merely took the similarly uninspired direction of a Threshold sound-alike. The band's second album 'A Brand New Day,' released in 2005, seems to have tackled the issue of unnecessary song length, but it remains to be seen whether the band has truly progressed to a point where their sound has become their own.

Se nota que los muchachos de la banda pensaron en el circuito extranjero, europeo o yanky, cuando sacaron el disco, porque solamente tiene referencias, comentarios y reviews en inglés, nada en castellano y casi nada en portugués...
Les dejo un par de videos para que sean si les gusta. Saludos.


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