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viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2015

Mahtrak - Panorama (2004)

Jazz rock progresivo y bien brasilero en una onda Return to Forever en un disco bien interesante que les deja Sandy para que disfruten en éste fin de semana.

Artista: Mahtrak
Álbum: Panorama
Año: 2004
Género: Jazz Rock / Fusión
Duración: 41:07
Nacionalidad: Brasil

Lista de Temas:
1. Tempestade
2. Breeza
3. Nachos Y Tequila
4. Sinestesia
5. Mantra
6. Panorama
7. Frankenstein Goes To Disneyland
8. Il Tamburo Spaziale
9. Crystal Canyon
10. Venus
11. Oraculo

- Ricardo Navarrete / lead vocals and guitar
- Paulo Viana / keyboards
- Cris Oliveira / drums, percussion
- Fabio Cesar / bass
- Antonio Rodrigues / guitars

Mahtrak es un ensamble de puro jazz-rock (pasando muchas veces la frontera del rock progresivo), nacido en 2001. El material de la banda suena bien original, con generosas dosis progresivas, sonidos "vintage" (horrible palabra que si bien sé para que se lo significa, no entiendo muy bien el significado ¿decir teclados viejos no es lo mismo? ¿o los teclados anteriores a la década del 70 no son vintage? ¿los instrumentos clásicos son vintage? hummmmm...) abundantes órganos Hammond, mellotrones y Fender Rhodes, algunas influencias podemos encontrar en Mahavishnu Orchestra, Caravan, Soft Machine, Jeff Beck, Return to Forever y Weather Report.
Si todavía no tienen idea de a que puede sonar el grupo, lean los siguientes reviews, y si aún siguen con dudas, escuchen un poco los videos... más no puedo hacer.

The pursuit of the music character and the united part might be advanced as they declare with the necessity. The influence and the respect of various, good music characters are included in the music character of this Mahtrak formed in 2001.
Band and Jeff Beck of Canterbury. Or, Return To Forever, Brand X, and the Mahavishnu orchestra. And, the music that men said that it was influenced from the music character such as Alti E Mestieri create will have the ability of an exactly good absorbing ability, element, and a high performance.
It is said that the recording of their of this debut albums had already ended at the time of 2005 from 2004. And, each member's activity was and there was information that the band says that they had faced the state of dissolution busy toward be able, too. If music from which the band may be continued by this album is offered, I should add the correction to those facts. A good culture of the situation and the home country that created their music is splendidly exactly expressed. It is ..and progressive ..unite with a variety of Music characters.. album.. finished. They and in this debut album have finished ..the content that the element of Jazz-Rock with the respect always has acted well... It might be Jazz/Fusion/Prog Rock of having been exactly carried by Brazil new.
"Tempestade" twines Riff of a good guitar for the keyboard while making the rhythm of five basic. Development might be very progressive. Brand X and Alti E Mestieri might be reminiscent as the impression. However, their originality is included as for technology and the idea of the performance. The rhythm section splendidly twines round the flow of the unison of the keyboard and the guitar with the tension and it contributes.
The progress of the keyboard and Chord with the anacatesthesia of "Breeza" is impressive. The melody that looks like the waltz based on the rhythm of five reminiscent of the element of Arti E Mestieri is developed. And, the flow shifts to the following tune at once.
A steady rhythm twines round "Nachos Y Tequila" with the unison of the keyboard that there is a humour in the part of the percussion instrument and the guitar. The theme in close relation to the rhythm of eight twines round the complexity and has a progressive sound. The flow that develops from twining with the guitar processed by the effect with the complexity or more might be splendid. It has a good flow that the humour exists together to the technology while containing the flow of Funk a little.
"Sinestesia" starts from a beautiful piano melody. The sound of Mellotron is introduced and the tension is continued. Next, the tune shifts as it is.
"Mantra" has the element of good Jazz-Rock. The theme mainly composed of the organ and the guitar progresses with the tension. It has the impression with a good progressive organ in close relation to complex development. Progressing this tune might be reminiscent of Arti E Mestieri and Brand X, too.
"Panorama" progresses with the rhythm of six. The feature in the tune is to make the rhythm and Chord. The part of the guitar and the organ also contributes to the tune. It might be a tune of which the element of various music went out strongly exactly. The sound is variegated.
"Frankenstein Goes To Disneyland" advances with heavy atmosphere from a chaotic sound. As for the tune, the sound of an intense keyboard twines round the parts of a few Funk. Ensemble of the band has succeeded. The tune might have originality and the technology.
"Il Tamburo Spaziale" progresses from the flow that explodes intensely complexly attended with an electronic sound. And, it shifts to the following tune at once.
As for "Crystal Canyon", a good flow and the melody of the band twine round the progress of refined Chord. The tune will give a good impression for the listener with a beautiful extension. The methodology that looks like Arti E Mestieri is taken and an advanced flow contains originality and the technology.
"Venus" progresses quietly in the line of the guitar and Bass with the anacatesthesia. The progress of Chord that flows gently gives the tune the relief.
"Oraculo" might be a tune of which the part where Jazz-Rock and Prog Rock that they cultivated were good went out. Progressive sound of keyboard and progress of Chord. And, the obbligati of the guitar and the keyboard in close relation to a sentimental melody. The flow has the element that doesn't end in simple Jazz-Rock. And, the drum pulls the tune and it reaches the peak. The melody will call impression.
It might be a band that should call progressive Jazz-Rock/Prog Rock exactly carried by Brazil. The quality of music has succeeded as an album that works in the part always continued at a high position.
Kazuhiro Kojima

WOW!!!!! Smoking hot fusion quartet from Brazil. This one is a pure burner from beginning to end. The band is modeled after 70s fusion bands like Return To Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra but with a bit more rock bite a la Kenso. Keyboards feature liquid synth solos, blistering Hammond and Rhodes and even Mellotron. Guitarist Antonio Rodrigues adds a bit more distortion to his sound then what you would expect form a fusion player but it all blends with the high energy of the music. Great unison lines between keys and guitar propel the disc along. Apparently this digipak is a limited edition. Highest recommendation - a total revelation!

Today is very common to find neo prog bands inspired by the prog rock giants but is still very hard to find bands paying tribute to the jazz rock monster like Return to forever or Soft Machine. To me this album came to fill these empty spaces. It is an album with nice vintage sounds, great compositions and the musicianship of the four of them is impressive. I hope their second offer can be as good as this first one. This is a band to follow. What I like most in this album is that it has almost 45 minutes only, there are also short pieces of music what gives the album the right balance. Most of the new records are normally full of music, 75 minutes long but you can barely listen to half of it. I can easily listen to this record, the themes are very melodic but the solos and the rythim section have some breathtaking moments. An impressive work!


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