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martes, 8 de diciembre de 2015

Sub Rosa - The Gigsaw (2010)

Y ahora presentamos nuevamente a Sub Rosa, buena banda brasilera que Sandy nos trae nuevamente al blog, en una muy buena performance, hacen un neo-progresivo accesible y entretenido, con letras en inglés y muy buenos momentos... escúchenlos, y después me dicen si se llevan el disco o no.

Artista: Sub Rosa
Álbum: The Gigsaw
Año: 2010
Género: Crossover Prog / Neo progresivo
Duración: 60:02:13
Nacionalidad: Brasil

Lista de Temas:
1. Symptoms of Life (10:37)
2. Igneous Vortex Dancer (1:40)
3. Enslavement of Beauty (5:58)
4. Equinox (6:03)
5. Amok (5:23)
6. Your Eyes (1:44)
7. The Order (4:38)
8. Zeitgeist (4:32)
9. Widow's Daughter (4:23)
10. The Mirror (5:23)
11. The Last Ride, part 1 (4:33)
12. The Last Ride, part 2 (1:57)
13. Fatality Show (4:22)
14. Symptoms of Life (1:02)

- Reinaldo Penido / Bass, double bass, keyboards, electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
- Alvaro Duarte / keyboards and synthesizers
- Barbara Laranjeira / drums and percussion
- Glaydston Friederich / lead and backing vocals
- Márcia Cristina / lead and backing vocals
Special guests:
Rodrigo Lourenço / electric & acoustic guitars
Valner Casitta / keyboards
Daniel Leão / violin
Abraão Portes / cello
Luis (Les Paul) paulo / drums
Marcelo Miranda / voice (2, 10, 12)
Werlei Santos / synth drum (5) and secret hidden voice

Sub Rosa es una banda brasilera que hacen un agradable neo progresivo, no excesivamente complejo ni con grandes despliegues técnicos, pero de agradable factura, teniendo pasajes que hacen recordar a Van Der Graaf Generator, Marillion, Eloy y similares. Editaron este álbum en forma independiente en el 2010.
Aclaro que el link no es mío, es más, hasta no definir bien que pasa con los servidores, por ahora no me interesa mucho subir mis propios links. Link de descarga mordisqueado de "veushka".

Excellent debut CD by this new brazilian band. Someone tipped me about it and I contact them through their website to get their CD (it´s an independent release, so anyone interested should contact www.subrosa.com.br). It was a shot in the dark since I had never heard of them, although they live not very far from my hometown. It was worth it, though. The Gigsaw is one of the best CDs I heard this year and 2010 has been an year full of great stuff, old or new. So it had to be quite strong material to impress me lately. Sub Rosa had it.
I don´t know why they are labeled as a crossover band when the eclectic prog tag would be much more fitting. Because eclectic they surely are! There is a lot of influences in their music: early Pink Floyd (the strongest and most recognizable), Van Der Graaf Generator, Marillion, Renaissance, Eloy plus jazzy passages, a funky guitar here and there, krautrock, minimalistic keys and so on. As odd as this mix may sound, it works. In fact they have their own personality already, which is why I was so drawn to their work.
As usual with good prog CDs, It took a few spins to fully enjoy this record. However, some parts are full of pure beauty from the very first time I heard them. There is a 70´s ´flavour´ all over the record. I specially liked the alternating male and female vocals (even if their heavy accent may annoy some people) both of whom are very well handled, something often forgotten in this style. The voices here are as good as the tremendous instrumental work. I loved the retro-like Hammond organ sounds, the vintage sounding synth solos and the very well done guitar lines (mostly influenced by Latimer/Gilmour, but ultimately quite varied). Interesting thing: they have a girl drummer, Barbara Laranjeira, something quite unusual in prog (and she does a good job, with a style reminiscent of Floyd´s Nick Mason). There is not a single filler in the whole CD. I always listen to it from start to finish, even though I still personally think the first track was not the best choice for the opener. Production is very good overall (the bass is a tad too loud sometimes, though). The booklet with the technical data and lyrics is also very nice.
Highlights? Too many to mention. Just listen and pick up yours. There is a lot of little gems hidden here. The Gigsaw sounds both familiar and new, which is the base of their charm.
Conclusion: a stunning debut. The ecletic mixture and the sometimes bare, minimalistic approach of some tunes may take a little time to be fully appreciated, but the album has something most new releases lack: as varied as it is, it has a unifying feeling that gives it a coherent whole. Sure, it is not perfect and there are obvious rough edges to work out on the future. Still, it is a remakable first for an unknown act. Very promising, no doubt.
Highly recommended!
Tarcisio Moura


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