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jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015

Risotragia - Risotragia (2011)

Resubimos gran disco de una banda de delirantes pibes muy talentosos. Un disco especialmente recomendado si te gusta la onda ELP, el primer Wakeman y Crucis. Si esas bandas te van, tirate de cabeza (de moog!)... y sino también. Que lo disfruten.

Artista: Risotragia
Álbum: Risotragia
Año: 2011
Género: Rock sinfónico psicodélico ecléctico
Nacionalidad: Argentina
Duración: 44:54

Lista de Temas:
Primera parte
1. Primera Parte - La Cima Desde El Mar
Segunda parte - Eclosión
2. Intraludio
3. Las Puertas
4. El Gran Salón De Los Espejos
5. Infraludio
6. Eclipse y Alineación En Cruz Cósmica
7. Infraludio Desterritorializado
8. La Ola De Calor
9. La Voz Del Fuego
10. Infraludio a Medianoche
11. Psompié
12. Providencia
13. Ajenjo
14. El Nuevo Sol
15. Punto de Fuga
Tercera Parte
16. Anexión
17. Coda

- Nicolás Landaburu / Bajo, voz
- Esteban Pereiro / Teclados , piano, voz
- Jeremías Merlo / Batería
- Gabriel Schubert / Gitarras, voz
- Juan Testa / Violín, viola
- Laura Ciambotti / Violoncello
- Paolo Ferrara / Violoncelo
- Agustín Tamagno / Oboe
- Emilio Zamora / Flauta
- Ignacio Brizzio / Tabla
- Agustín "Bugui" Di Maurizio / Udu

Difícil escribir algo de Risotragia, de este álbum, tranquilo por momentos, vibrante por otros, con la adrenalina de la experimentación y la aventura de introducir en su música muchos estilos, como la psicodelia, lo sinfónico, la música docta y contemporánea o el jazz, divirtiéndose con un juego que les arranca carcajadas pero que a veces se vuelve trágico, dramático, como el nombre de la banda bien lo indica.
Con algunas referencias a ELP, con cierto aire Spinetta en las partes cantadas, algunas secciones sinfónicas que me recuerdan a Crucis, sonidos psicodélicos, experimentales e improvisaciones, en este disco suenan muchas de las bandas que escuchan sus miembros, desde Yes hasta Ginastera, de King Crimson hasta Luciano Berio, de Focus hasta Charly Parker, de Soft Machine hasta Magma, de Premiata Forneria Marconi hasta Stravisnky.

Es que todos sus integrantes son jovencísimos estudiantes de conservatorio, amigos entre sí, y comparten muchos de los gustos musicales que se desplieguan a lo largo del disco. Hicieron esta música para divertirse y grabaron el disco de forma independiente, artesanalme, en un lavadero que servía de sala de ensayo, con la idea de tener un material para compartir con los amigos y distribuir de forma gratuita, y principalmente que sirva como registro de una época que ya no es, porque la banda como tal está disuelta. Aunque las posibilidades de que se reunan nuevamente están intactas, e incluso... pero adelanto nada ¡no puedo ser tan bocazas!, solo digo que no pierdan las esperanzas de que en un futuro próximo puedan juntarse nuevamente, dar algún recital y grabar una segunda producción.

The debut album from this band from Argentina and a free download too.
Labelled as a Crossover band, this album is taking a lot from Gentle Giant and King Crimson as from modern US bands like Advent. But there is also a lot of folk music here as in Jethro Tull and some Italian influences in addition to a lot of jazz. In truth, this is crossover, but not as in a crossover between prog and rock. The music is very complex throughout and a bit difficult to really grasp and get a take on.
The music is based on some rampant Hammond like organs, bass, drums and some guitars. The vocals are great and I have no complaints about the musicianship. The music is pretty understated and the bands gets their music across with a minimum of instruments.
The overall quality is good. I am missing some truly great songs here though. The band have their own identity, but has not really managed to get into full bloom on this album. But the band has a lot of potential and this is their debut album. Do expect a lot of great things from this band.

A very nice effort!
Once again I took advantage of internet facilities and got this album by Argentinean band Risotragia, which is free to download. This new group released last year (2011) their eponymous debut album in which they let us know what kind of music they create, as well as their quality as composers and performers, it is always healthy to know new people are working hard to share something positive.
This album contains seventeen short songs that oscillate from 1 to 4 minutes average, with the exception of a couple of tracks with 5 and 7 minutes length each. The music in general is an interesting mixture of genres, with an inherent mellow and soft touch in all their compositions, with some symphonic moments, some jazzy oriented ones and even a couple of bluesy moments here. The vocals are pretty good, delicate and very Argentinean (hope you get me).
"La cima desde el mar" has that soft symphonic sound with delicate touches, it is a very good opener song that let us know about the mellow and sweet sound they have. "Eclosión- intraludio" has a very good atmosphere and a dreamy landscape, some water flowing can be appreciated here. In "Las Puertas" we can listen to a wonderful song, an instrumental first-class symphonic track where keyboards lead, but where all the instruments are relevant and essential for the success of the track. The bass is wonderful
A considerable change comes with "El gran salon de los espejos", where a ballad-like structure appears, with a very good string choir and a flute as background. The sound is very mellow, even beautiful and peaceful in some moments; vocals are included here. "Infraludio" is a one-minute instrumental track with a pastoral sound due to the flute, but with also some dark moments made by keyboards. Then we have "Eclipse y alineación en cruz cosmic", another short track where vocals return and offer a very enjoyable minute.
The whole album flows beautifully, every little piece is necessary, every single passage is different but crucial. "Infraludio deterritorializado" continues with that pastoral sound, and then all of a sudden a faster rhythm appears implemented by keyboards, followed by bass, guitar and drums in a new song called "La ola de calor", which happens to be the longest of the album, reaching the seven minutes. After the first minute its sound changes, it is softer, with nice atmospheric background while percussion makes its work. Later bass creates a repetitive but addictive structure in which keyboards can show off a little bit. This song is a highlight here, without a doubt their most accomplished work.
"La voz del fuego" is a blues-oriented track, with the four elemental instruments, as well as the voice and a cool flute over there. This is a sweet moment of the album. "Infraludio a medianoche" is a short but rich instrumental track, the first part is a delicate jazz section, while the second creates a nervous atmosphere. It leads to "Psompié" in which the jazz-like tune returns right away. "Providencia" is a short guitar oriented track, nothing more. A favorite song comes with "Ajenjo", here that particular Argentinean sound returns once again; I love the vocals, the organ and the strong bass that is always there.
In "El Nuevo sol" that soft style continues, but here we have some fast and brief changes that show the complexity of the composition, which is of course, well executed by the musicians. "Punto de fuga" is a nice instrumental time in which the repetition is the key; here the bass creates addictive lines that are followed by the other instruments. "Anexión" is the shortest track, it has 30 seconds of a tense atmosphere created by violins. Then it all of a sudden changes into a charming passage with nice vocals and a positive vibe in "Coda", the song that finishes the album.
What an original, fresh and cool album Risotragia has released, I am really happy with it. Now I encourage people to go and download it for free (not piracy, the band itself shares it), you will have a good time while listening to it, I am sure. My final grade would be 3.5 stars.
Enjoy it!
Guillermo H. Urdapilleta

Another discovery from the forums, Risotragia plays a very interesting blend of styles on this eponymous release. Ranging from some sections that have a bit of a folky vibe to them to others that are far more jazzy, this is a very fitting representation of "crossover prog." Lots to like here for prog fans, with complex rhythms and extended solos aplenty, even if there's not a totally explicit "prog" feel.
"La Cima Desde El Mar" begins the album on a bit of a noisy note, with a barrage of notes making up the first few moments of the track before acoustic guitar takes over and a very pleasant vocal melody picks up, accompanied by some very minimal synth. This first track has a very peaceful, carefree feeling to it, with the music and vocals veering towards a rather folky style. The song closes with some peaceful field recordings of lapping water, which carries over into the next track, "Intraludio." Unsurprisingly, given its nature as a sort of interlude, the track consists mostly of a kind of ambient music, with swishing water and electronic sound effects. At the end of the track an interesting little bass-led rhythmic section picks up, which soon strikes up a little groove that launches the next track.
"Las Puertas" begins as the previous track ended, with bass, percussion, and keyboards playing rhythmically complex parts that recall a lot of modern prog acts. After a moment the motif switches, becoming a little less rhythmic and a little more melodic, with all the instruments playing very upbeat music. This carries through into a very nice synth solo towards the end of this track. The bass work is excellent throughout the track, very audible and powerful, providing an excellent rhythmic backbone for the track. Some more subdued keyboards end the track and carry into the next song.
"El Gran Salon De Los Espejos" reintroduces the vocals, again singing in a very laid back, pleasant style. I'm reminded a bit of the music of Lucio Battisti; the vocals are very smooth and there are some nice, soothing, string sounds backing up the music. "El Gran Salon?" is a fairly short track, and leads into the instrumental "Infraludio" which features some awesome, classical sounding piano and a very cool flute part. This, in turn, leads into "Eclipse y Alineacion En Cruz Cosmica," which has a bit more of a dramatic feel to it than did "El Gran Salon?" Unfortunately, I think the vocals are a bit subdued compared to the music, and as such the track lacks a bit of the punch that it could have had.
"Infraludio Desterritorializado" begins the next section of music here, with what sounds like a violin providing a kind of dance motif over some more very good bass playing. I'm reminded of some folk dances I've heard, at least until vocals come in towards the end of the track to lead into "La Ola De Calor," the longest track on the album. "La Ola?" begins in a flurry of keyboard before dropping into a sparser, jazzier theme that features psychedelic synth sweeps and tight, insistent percussion. When the bass introduces a walking line about 2 minutes in this jazzy feeling is only enhanced, though an organ solo adds a bit of a classic- rock vibe as well. Vocals appear midway through the track as well, still in a very jazzy style, often matched rhythmically by the bass and additionally backed up by keyboard and percussion. "La Ola de Calor" is one of the most fully actualized tracks on the album, with great playing all around and great development, with multiple solos and great interplay between all of the instruments involved.
"La Voz Del Fuego" follows this up in a decidedly retro vein, with classic-rock organ and guitar riffs straight out of the 70s. Vocals make another appearance, and unfortunately I think they fall a bit flat compared to the music again. It's still a cool change of pace after "La Ola," though.
"Infraludio a Medianoche" comes next, and it's significantly more minimal than either of the tracks that preceded it. An off-kilter marimba part (or something like a marimba) is matched by guitar and percussion that lead into "Psompie," which is another jazzy number with more of that great bass and some very nice piano playing as well. Guitar eventually joins the mix as well, with a laid back, groovy solo that fits with the other instruments very well.
"Providencia" is another little off-kilter interlude, with some languid guitar playing that leads into "Ajenjo." "Ajenjo" is another track featuring vocals, and they work markedly better here, with the relaxed delivery matching the atmospheric organ and somber bass part that are accompanying it.
"El Nuevo Sol" immediately follows this, and recalls Lucio Battisti even more than did "El Gran Salon?" This perhaps has a bit more of a psychedelic sound, but on the whole I think the resemblance is pretty strong, even if the vocals don't quite measure up to Battisti himself, but then, who does? "El Nuevo Sol" smoothly transitions into "Punto de Fuga," another short little instrumental that makes prominent use of bass and also utilizes organ to create another nice rhythmic interlude that itself leads into the even shorter "Anexion," which is basically just a 30 second crescendo building up to the final track, which is appropriately titled "Coda." This final track features some pleasant wordless vocals that repeat over a progression of instruments from guitar to keyboards and of course that ever-present bass. It's a nice idea for a closing track, kind of a final recap of all the sounds that have appeared on the album, but in my opinion it goes on a bit too long.
So overall this is an enjoyable album and one that flows very nicely, but unfortunately there aren't any really stellar moments for me. "La Ola De Calor" is probably my favorite, and it's no coincidence that it's also the longest track-to me, many of the pieces here feel underdeveloped. There's certainly nothing here that comes close to being outright bad, but much of the album feels a bit directionless or homogeonous. Nonetheless, it's still a very pleasant listen and I suspect there will be much more to come from this group.
Alec V.

Pero, para el que le interese saber más ¿y por qué mejor no leen el reportaje de Juaco a nuestro miembro más cercano de la banda?. Está disponible aquí...

Yo les recomiendo este disco, lo estoy escuchando por primera vez ahora y está bárbaro, bizarro y docto, risa y tragedia, es muchas cosas a la vez, pero sobretodo tiene mucha calidad, no se lo pierdan.

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  2. Estos pibes... que disco se mandaron! Todo a pulmón, entre amigos y conocidos. Musicalmente no tienen nada que envidiarle a grandes como MIA, pero mas alla de las similitudes musicales, se las ingenian para acercarnos ese espíritu setentoso que se respira al poner a correr el disco. Creo que no es casual que lo hayan lanzado el dia de la primavera, es un disco muy fresco, soleado, con letras que dan ánimo, que incitan al cambio, como la primavera, donde todo resurge y vuelve a empezar.
    Ojala no se corte acá la historia y podamos ver a Risotragia en vivo.

    Un fuerte abrazo a Gabi y a todos los risotragicos

  3. Si.... Juaco tiene razón, y sintetizando: ¡un discazo!

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  5. moe, jaja. Estas muy metafísico (como la gran orquesta)
    Adoro este trabajo de Risotragia, y por otro lado me da lastima saber que el proyecto esta parado. Esto no quita que en un futuro estos músicos vuelvan a juntarse para seguir experimentando. El espíritu creativo va buscando nuevas vetas, pero nunca muere!

    Gabriel Schubert tiene un blog donde sube sus trabajos mas recientes, nada de rock, peso si interesantes experimentos musicales y composiciones para cuerdas, vientos, anque algunos lindos textos
    Lo dejo, por si alguno quiere pasar a chusmear o a saludar http://aioncomposicion.blogspot.com.ar/

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  7. Tengo una noticia, risotragia se volvio a juntar

  8. Download: (Flac - No CUE - No Log + Scans)

  9. Increíble discazo!!! Me encanta tu blog y seguiré muy de cerca tus subidas desde España!

    1. Gracias Antonio. Dale, seguinos que tenemos muchas cosas asombrosas para subir y resubir. Saludos


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